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Well, since i'm back in it now, i might as well be back with a vengeance ;)


My first video, i know you guys are gonna dig it. 



And you can't forget, old Dougy ;)

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My first video which i planned. Actually took a lot longer than i thought. Spent quite a bit of time playing with camera angles, depth of field, cinematography and all of that.

It's a nod to The Sopranos. - (autotext fail)

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Here's my Lowrider video...months later...I probably won't ever bother editing it more, so here it is!


/Edit: upon further reflection...I think I jumped the gun on this one, pretty sure I have a longer version with more clips in it that are edited a little tighter than the example above...oh well, one of these days I'll spend more time in the Editor.

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