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  1. Car Salesman is an odd job in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories that i recreated in GTA V Online with the Rockstar Editor Video on PS4.
  2. Hey @CaPn bOnEs, I'm sorry that I didn't write any comments in other video. The reason why i never wrote a comment is that i'm french and i don't dare write anything. But I watch some others videos and I draw inspiration from a few ones to create a new stuff.
  3. Two vehicles of San Andreas came back in Cunning Stunts update in GTA V.
  4. Blink-182 - Cynical music video created with Rockstar Editor!
  5. I made a little video with R * Editor. It's a remake of a music video of Tom Delonge, formerly member of Blink-182, Circle-Jerk Pit Official Video here:
  6. GTA V Hooker/Stripper with music for more pleasure! If you want to past at the best part of the video, click here
  7. Video made for show you the difference between 30 cars of San Andreas and GTA V.
  8. Video made for show you the difference between Vice City and GTA V cars.
  9. This video is a fictional events that occurred after the story of GTA V.
  10. This is my new yacht in GTA V online and I am very proud to present it in this video.
  11. This is a slideshow video to show you the differences between some old car models in GTA 3 and new car models in GTA 5.