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  1. You are close, 7 out of 8 of my posts are in this thread (first one was in the "introduce yourself" thread cause i'm a netiquette-guy ) but i don't even post all my videos cause i do it only when i'm confident enough that it's a decent one. And i totally get your point, spam can be annoying and a huge number of spam threads is not nice to see. Sure i can post some snapmatic too, cause i take a ton of them and i would very glad to join some crew session even if i can't join the crew for now cause i filled all 5 spots r* gave us. I'm in TMGT and gtaphotographers plus 3 crews of guys from my country i play with (even if nowadays i'm way more involved with the editor than the actual game) and sure i recognize your name, i'm also one of your followers on twitter Anyway, before i write a huge wall of text as i'm used to do, i also want to say it's nice from you to clarify this little misunderstanding we had... there are so many forums on the internet where people always bite hard but i'm glad to see here it's different i'll also check the forum to see if i got something new to say about the game, a little hard cause gta v is getting old but i'll try... i began to look for non-italian-speaking forums a little late Cheers
  2. Ok, maybe i misunderstood cause that comment was right under my video... actually i know i could be considered a random cause i don't post that much, but at least i am one of those that come back
  3. Not so nice from a mod to call "randoms" people posting on your forum :/ And i guess posting a video in a section where only few threads are active in the years 2015-2016 is more for the pleasure of sharing than for "getting tons of views"... but whatever
  4. Here's some vid I made with PS4 Editor, hope you enjoy This one was for Halloween (no DLC content) And this is my entry for Wanderer contest
  5. hi i'm vincenzo from rome (italy) i'm 32 years old and just found this forum today... i wish i did when my english was better, in my school days I'm gta and snapmatic addicted and upgraded to editor addiction in the last few weeks, also play some music from time to time and i'm into videomaking in general but definitely not a professional... well i think that's all, see you soon