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  1. even though most of you guys saw this ill still put this here Enjoy
  2. because not everyone is going to want to paint an off-road car crew blue when they usually just have one car that colour TRUUUUUUUE
  3. THEY'RE HERE! Also I had to do this too ... Thanks Delilah
  4. Rockstar Editor got me fucked up! BMX Pics Lets just say this was a barspin End of Bmx pics. SPACE! Houston we have a problem! Into the sun he goes. Aliens! Coming soon to a theatre near you.(Suppose to be a huge alien if you don't get it) That's all... FOR NOW!
  5. Here's my mini BMX edit. Enjoy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZGNDa6SMwdk
  6. Just to let you guys know if you have over 100 friends that's what's causing the game to crash on ps4. I deleted people down to 99 friends and now it works fine.

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    2. gtagrl


      That was a cock pic??

    3. gtagrl


      Thanks for letting us know btw, Kill. :)

    4. Qdeathstar


      I know it was kinda stretched out and out of focus, by I was using a gopro and a magnifying glass and the magnifying glass magnifies the fish-eye affect of the gopro...

      But it's a nice cock nonetheless

  7. I've seen some crazy stunts in GTA but Ghostman took it to a whole new level with this one
  8. Guys I found some of my PS4 Pics BMX stuffs Burning Zombie Bongular Floatation Device
  9. I don't know if you guys have seen the effects of the peyote plants so here's a few Enjoy Here's some more
  10. I might, im just bummed cuz my ps3 got factory reset and i get depressed everytime i turn it on and see nothing there Also, Thanks for putting this here
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