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  1. You definitely wanna change the rims on that, it would complete the picture. Great looking car though!!
  2. Thought I'd make an effort to go out, but I got drunk and fell asleep.
  3. Indy


    I'm struggling to get past level 20. What would be the best route? Should I join any of the various groups on the Tower?
  4. Indy


    I'm loving the random events, got swarmed on one yesterday and was about to die, before 4 other guardians showed up to give me a hand. Much appreciated! I'm a sucker for loot and drops, which is why I love Diablo. And this game is great in that sense, every fight is for better equipment. I did my first raid yesterday, the one on Earth. It was long and difficult, but I really enjoyed it.
  5. Indy


    I just bought the Z3, brilliant phone. One of the best out at the moment from what I've experienced. The remote play function isn't live yet, next month apparently.
  6. Indy


    This game is amazing. They're trying to build a lasting experience, and I think it'll work. You cannot play this game alone, it's awful as a single player experience. But with even a single friend the entire experience changes to something truly worth having. I think this second review from the telegraph is a better reflection.
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    Add me people, IndySRama... I don't know what I'm doing.
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    Well I've bought a PS4 along with this game, I have high hopes. Any tips?
  9. Indy


    Is it worth buying? (if i have no friends)
  10. Indy

    Total War Series

    Holy fuck, this looks amazing. Need a desktop, urgently.
  11. And The Mountains Echoed - K. Hosseini Brilliant book, he truly is a genius story-teller. Although I prefer single narratives, this has to be an exception. Stories within stories, he juxtaposes characters and parallels chapters with ease, all related but across different eras and continents. Even his first story within a story, is a metaphor for the entire book, but this is never explained and left to the reader to put together. My favorite book of the year so far, Hosseini tugs at your heartstrings effortlessly.
  12. I do need help acquiring bodies... you know, for "research" and stuff.
  13. Still sticking by this, I'll be so pissed if Argentina win it, they've been awful. Germany have been the only big side who have played good football.
  14. I want to read The Fault in Our Stars, mostly because the movie has highlighted it. Anyone read it?
  15. I thought Stannis coming to the north was for his personal gain. Maybe trying to generate an army from the freemen or rangers?
  16. So glad those tiki-taka fucks are out. /hater
  17. I think Germany to win it. If Brazil finish first in their group, they will most likely have to play either netherlands or spain in first round of KOs. They've got a tough lineup. Can't see England getting out of the groups to be honest.
  18. Clean eating is one of the most difficult of things, turkey and rice, chicken on bagels, tuna and chickpeas. Pretty much the same three meals everyday.
  19. To be honest, I will probably end up buying this anyway. Because I'm a schmuck, and there are hardly any next-gen games that pique my interest.
  20. There's more to do in Amsterdam than hookers and weed... I think.
  21. I also reconcile myself in the fact that there are still more badasses left, such as the Faceless Men and Daario Naharais.