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  1. Zen

    Mobile Devices

    How do the white ones compare to the black ones with dirt etc? Is there a notable difference?
  2. Zen

    Mobile Devices

    Will be getting one of these next week as my Galaxy S is being an absolute cunt.
  3. Thanks for the memories, some great videos posted. My contribution is a little more recent; nothing like a bit of good old fashioned first person, night vision, knife-pistol wielding fun in Kick-Ass. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-SbnqIIkXQc
  4. Or table tennis. Agree with that, the game moves so quickly that it's hardly worth watching.
  5. I decided to watch a game of women's Handball yesterday, how Handball is a sport let alone being in the Olympics is beyond me..
  6. Zen

    Saints Row

    Has anyone tried the co-op on this yet?
  7. How can you possibly justify a game case that big for such a small memory card? It doesn't make sense, at all.
  8. Welcome Richard. For me, Vice City is number one, along with Vercetti. Such a great game...
  9. The clutch isn't fun in real life, let alone having it in my games as well...
  10. I hope not, I found it incredibly boring having to travel through so much desert to get to my next location.
  11. Zen


    I don't dig chicks with tattoos. My sister has a tattoo on each foot, which I tried to explain to her as being the most pointless place you could have a tattoo considering you'd never see them, but she went ahead with it anyway... If I were to get a tattoo, I'd want a sleeve. I'm not a fan of people getting tiny, pointless tattoos, I'd rather have a masterpiece.
  12. It does answer my question, thanks. Sounds fantastic.