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    The 6 D's: Demons, Drugs, Death, Destruction, Domination, Depression
    The 5 C's: Chaos, Corruption, Control, Corporations, Crime
    The 4 B's: Betrayal, Brutality, Blood, Bakeries
    The 3 A's: AntiChrist, Anarchy, Alien-Nation

    The 18 signs for the return of The AntiChrist........
    If you or anyone you know have been or are experiencing any of these signs in any way, shape or form in an area near you please do not hesitate to call our hotline at 1-800-Sell-Your-Sister/Mom/Daughter-or-even-better-Your-Soul......We don't care nor do we judge so just pick whichever one fills your heart with the most GLEE!
    And the great part about it is you get to choose for yourself instead of that douchebag/asshole you people call God deciding for you :-)
    It's very simple and extremely easy and all we ask for in return is a little chunk of your time in the afterlife
    Oh yeah I almost forgot to tell you that the first 666 callers get a free all expensed paid vacation to HELL for ETERNITY!!!!
    So dial that number IMMEDIATELY......Go on dial it I'll wait......
    Have you done it?
    YOU HAVE!!!!May Satan have mercy on your condemned soul!!!!
    Now doesn't that just make you feel all warm inside.....
    And if it does that's GREAT you're starting to get the hang of it..........
    But if you're one of those little nervous people who are not too sure about this just relax we'll do all the work for you......
    All you gotta do is show your appreciation by laying on the floor, flop around a bit, and scream like an 8yo girl having a seizure at a Justin Bieber concert........
    We love it when you do that!

    What happens when an unstoppable force (a penis) meets an immovable object (a vagina)?


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  1. Tomorrow is the end of an era and the start of an age of peace and prosperity. While it won't seem like it at first because a lot must happen in order for people to realise the true meaning of life and all its beauty, but within a 150 years the planet and its inhabitants shall reconnect with nature!Until then I wish everyone luck on your journey!

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    2. Omega


      lol. technology going bye bye? LMFAO

    3. Kwarb


      no, I have proof that the worlds going to end. The twinkie has been discontinued!! THE TWINKIE!!! why couldnt have been snowballs

    4. Crazee


      Good luck mothafuckers. If shit does happen I say we all meet up at Rockstar North HQ. Good Luck.

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