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  1. The game play video was epic, It would be shocking if anyone had to criticize it, if anyone did, your an idiot.
  2. This week's blowout is crazy!20 new screenshots+,3 trailers,previews, cant wait to see more.
  3. screenshot galore! , this week keeps getting better and better
  4. it would be so cool if you could buy all sorts of clothing gear like swimming suits, gas masks, base juming suits, and store them for futher use
  5. im new to this forum shit but when i join forums it asks if i want to be verbally abused? what does that mean
  6. it would be cool if you could buy cars at a dealership, and sell stolen cars for small cash. cant wait to see what you can do with you money
  7. i think most of the buildings will have interior spaces like that screencap with the bmx next the house with the open window in the first trailer
  8. but dont you think realism is like a key attractioni think uploading your own music fit pretty cool