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  1. I've still not listened to 13. No one has made me want to.
  2. I've not attempted 'The Similarion' yet. Will eventually. Man, you want Star Wars knowledge, I'm your man. Just don't ask about Revan, I get angry. Can anyone suggest Warrior followers for me? I've had two so far, and both died in bizarre shout accidents. I'm a mage, so I prefer to use them as melee bait for Deathlords, but they also need to be able to withstand a lot of magic. I'm not really concerned with whom my spells hit, as long as bodies are dropping. I was thinking an Orc, or possibly a human who looks a little like Bastila Shan.
  3. Song was ok. The solo was ridiculous. Not sure about the constant falsetto/scream, though. Might check a few more songs out. I can't recommend this band enough. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wkEwokis-O4
  4. Jack Daniels cures headaches. Fact.
  5. I think everyone deserves to have a Marney Christmas.
  6. Yep. I was surprised our ratings board let the penis pass. Maybe it was bigger than what the members were used to taking up the arse, and they were so busy daydreaming, they forgot to classify it as objectional. Rofl. Honestly, until HBW posted what was edited from the Australian version of IV, I had no idea what was different. So even if V is edited for Australia, I'm not concerned about it ruining the game. I'm more concerned about it from a moral point of view, but I'll leave that rant for another day.
  7. Yeah I have no idea what they're on about. ESWiki has given me a vague idea of what's going on.
  8. I'm doing some 'history' reading, if you will. Holy shit. So much.
  9. We talking added quests/story, or added locations, possibly outside Skyrim? I think I'd prefer something like Summerset Isle to more quests in Skyrim.
  10. ^This is the first Elder Scrolls game I've played properly, and given Fallout 3 had 4 or 5 DLC packs, you reckon there'll be a decent portion of DLC? I don't really know what to expect. Mercedes - PC or console? Had any trouble with other games?
  11. MW3 definitely had midnight releases here in Australia. Not sure why you'd bother, when the shop is open the next day, but maybe I'm getting too old for this shit.
  12. Always thought the Khajit were gypsies. It's why I've killed so many of them.
  13. Yeah, I thought I was pretty clever. Does anyone else have an issue where you wear the Archmage robes and the Morokei mask and your head vanishes? It ruined my Darth Revan look.
  14. Because not everyone in the world is an ignorant, inbred American. The NZ and Australian version of GTAIV was exactly the same, as it wasn't worth making an uncensored version for the (comparatively) small NZ market. I would assume the same thing would happen if GTAV were edited. It won't be banned (like Postal 3 undoubtedly will be), as HBW mentioned, because Rockstar will pre-emptively edit, as they did for GTAIV. Fingers crossed for the R rating to be brought in. Not getting my hopes up. Violent video games are counter-intuitive to the concept of the nanny state.
  15. I've played about 30 hours. Not getting into it like I was into Fallout 3. Not sure why. I'm finding the dungeons a little repetitive. I also find playing as a mage very dull, as I slaughter everything with ease. Thinking about a stealth archer vampire next. Also, the next cunt I see posting variations of "...then I took an arrow to the knee" is going to take a machete to the jugular.
  16. Yeah, I'm not bothering with Soundwave. Aside from being broke, I've either seen the decent bands, or I'm not into the music enough to pay $150+. Cathedral is an exception. If they do not play a sideshow, I may try to sneak in to Soundwave.
  17. Been listening to a lot of Mayhem lately. Attila Csihar is great. Anyway, I never thought I'd do this, but here we are. Heavy.
  18. The Australian government wants to bring in an internet filter. I no longer fear this, as they are unlikely to produce a working filter, given their track record of failure. Obviously it's a horrible fucking idea, and sets an awful precedent.
  19. It is simply a matter of whether you believe your government has the right to dictate morality and individual choice. Personally, I think they should all get fucked. Can't be bothered expanding on that.
  20. My housemate made me listen to the new Revocation album. Cool guitar work, but pretty meh overall.
  21. Aww, thanks Massacre. I'm yet to listen to Thirteen. The prospect of a new Megadeth album just doesn't appeal to me like it used to.
  22. Damn good song. Absu coming to Australia makes Darth Sexy a very happy Sith.
  23. Worship Music is alright. Belladonna sounds great, the music just failed to really grab me. I've preordered my copy of Abzu. Can't wait. Proscriptor McGovern has fast become my favourite drummer.
  24. I hail from Melbourne. It's ok. Moving to the Gold Coast in a month or so where I plan to essentially live off the land. Fosters is fucking foul, by the way.