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  1. You all are welcome to add me on the 360 although I do have a psn account I am just not a big fan of ps3. I have a rp clan so we will be doing big planning with this game.
  2. Looking forward to this !!! Gotta say is going to be a pretty good community for GTA V... (But I think some need to get over the fact that there will be new people, the more the people the bigger the Community.)
  3. I just hope its big enough that it takes real time 15 mins just to travel from city to city.
  4. Yeah will besides all that you have beliefs even if its not a religion is what I was trying to get at lol. I was not trying to get soo deep into it...
  5. My Favorite drinks . HEY !!!! Its BOMB .
  6. Hey Everyone, My name is Corey and I come to this AA meeting to talk about.... Wait this is a AA meeting right?? I guess I'll edit this post when I get time to just though I might say hey... And show you might see me here until GTA V comes out and if I make friends on here then you may see me even more after it comes out .
  7. Honestly everything is a religion if you look at it and not go so deep into it. Even if you don't consider your self worshiping a "God" or "thing" you still have a religion something you believe in something you think about. This is to Atheist people that is a religion although you don't believe in a "God" or "thing" you still believe in something. I don't care what you believe in as long as you believe in living your life and living everyday and still breathing and using the time you was given to live it to the fullest you are in a RELIGION. I am CHRISTIAN I believe that there is a "GOD" I believe I was put on this earth not to be tested but to live it while I'm breathing. I'm not the typical Christian that needs to go to church just to show off in fount of people and floss what I got and give money to someone I don't know what he will do with it. I never MURDER somebody to where I need to be in church and be around fake people that put on a act. In my opinion those who have not been teach about a "Typical Religion" will not be affected by the day to day life. But when something "BIG" Happen like this... If something happen this year just know people will pray or... If you don't care and have no true soul or heart why did you waste your life just to die?? But anyways I kinda love subjects like this but everyday I will be having though and questions in the back of my mind but until I see something really to where I need to pray my heart out so I can have anther better life... I don't know how to end it but I'm going to keep Living life ... As long as you didn't sell your soul and emotions to something evil "Devil" then you good even if you don't have a "Typical Religion".
  8. Anything that's 911 related is like most powerful ever especially if its a image. Enjoy and Remember 9/11... Its always good to remember 9/11 something you should never forget.
  9. They don't mind if people mod the game, They've shown off numerous mods on the newswire before. Yep I'll love to see what people would do with GTA V .
  10. You know that would be funny and trollish if RockStar release a trailer and those Campers was just taken a Photography picture in a studio. I would die laughing But hey someone already point out a good spot and detail it time to look at Google maps and dream of GTA V Map
  11. ;( Discussing this makes me want to play this game even more... I don't have much patience *Plays SA* (If only the graphics was more real!!!)..
  12. What I would love to see is a Ice Cream truck mini game that lets me sell dope and make some side money, I will make sure I will have a Ice Cream truck in most of my Safe Houses in GTA V. Anther thing that would be awesome to have is a Pilot mini game that allows you to go in side the airport and dress as a pilot in fly people in Private planes or even a Boeing 747 . Over all I want to just be able to go inside of any building I want or go inside a airport that would be a fun mini game or even having a mini game where I can get a group of people an just rob stores or BANKS!! Either way I will have fun in GTA V even if I have to Pretend I'm in a MINI GAME!!! That would be very awesome to have I love RC cars so much fun I know they had a RC thing in Vice City.
  13. I kinda does suck not knowing what will be on GTA V and seeing more pics of it is annoying. But hey it just most people cant WAITTTTT *calms down* (I need to play some SA) for the game to come out and have fun in Online on GTA V . I laugh at people that spam on the newswire I find it funny .
  14. Like seriously Rockstar might hold out 2 months to release on PC because they know once it is release on the PC that game would get MODDED after 2 days of being release lol. I love the mods they did for GTA IV Awesome .