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  1. Whatsup. Long time now.Happy Fucking New Year.Just went through GTA VC on PC again. Best soundtrack and stunting of any GTA game EVAR. Allright later. Carry on then.....


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    2. Darth Sexy

      Darth Sexy

      Didn't they have to remove a lot of the music due to licencing issues? Or is that just Steam version? Also why the fuck was my last reply marked hidden?

    3. TreeFitty


      Must have hit the little slide button that says "hide".


      And a bunch of the old games had music removed (on PC or newer consoles). I think even IV+EFLC had music removed recently.

    4. Synch


      I have an old disc for PC, and played on an old XP system,
      long since removed from any online network activity.
      Boring for many, nostalgic and fun for others.
      All music and the mission Kill All the Haitians still intact.