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  1. Just got a 2 day Bad Sport, over my 2 days off a week, for blowing up my mates cars with Sticky Bombs. It's fucking GTA, a game full of mayhem, carnage, murder and hookers, but blowing up my boosting fucking mates cars makes me a bad sport? Now I can't play with mates, I can't do any races and I can't get a mission, for 2 full fucking days. I used to think the 5 minute probation on COD was a pain in the arse. Fuck R* for this bullshit, whoever came up with this idea is a fucking idiot. Honestly, I was enjoying GTAO so much, but Ill be lucky if I ever switch it back on now, I'm sick with this shit!
  2. PSN name is Dezza7291, I've requested an invite to the crew. Psy, I've already got you on PS3 I noticed, I'll jump in a game next time I see you online.
  3. Game is out now, at least on the UK app store, it gets released at midnight in whatever time zone you're in. Downloading it now, download is taking ages! If you can't find it on the IOS app store, search google on safari for "Vice City iTunes" and click the first link, should take you to the app in the app store. Not sure how to do it on android.
  4. There was nothing about animals in GI's preview. But Rockstar previously mentioned that animals would feature in GTA V. But to what extent no one really knows yet. At least 1 mention of dogs that I can remember in the article, probably more. Also birds.
  5. Deko, are you a gta member? The very same, how's it going Q? Just had to get my avatar sorted so I can be recognised again . Does feel like a bit of a reunion, lots of names I recognise. Dup, still doing all the artwork? 5PM GMT the reveal the cover, some time after that they actually release it. Gonna be a long day waiting.
  6. The hype starts now, I haven't been this excited about a magazine reveal of a game since the old GTA-SA days. Feels like a long time ago now. Mass, thanks for doing this.
  7. Well, that's what happens when you put all of your details on the Playstation Network.
  8. Have an ancient old PC, Q6600 overclocked to 3.4, 4GB DDR2, EVGA 650i Ultra, (Broken) ATI 5770 512mb. Still gives me decent enough performance to be able to play games at 1080p at Medium with 4xAA and 16xAF. I now only really play iRacing and COD4 now, which aren't really intensive games. I will probably upgrade at some point this year, although I've kinda fell out of the loop a little. My Graphics card is fucked, though. It's fine in DX9, but DX10 & 11 make it freak out and artifact. It's still in Warranty, I just can't be bothered going without my PC for 2 weeks while I argue with the shop that I should get a replacement. With Battlefield 3 supporting only DX11, I will probably upgrade it for that.
  9. For 50 Meg: "Customers with Broadband size: XXL (50Mb) – your downstream usage excluding file sharing traffic (see below) remains unaffected and we'll soon be increasing your upload speeds from 1.5Mb to 5Mb. However during peak times we'll need to slow you back to 1.75Mb if your upload usage is particularly high." That explains your upload boost
  10. Yeah Be are great, always had perfect service from them, even though my phone line takes a ridiculous route aswell. In looking at all of your speedtests though I investigated a little, turns out I can get Virgin 50MB for £35 a month with a £40 installation fee. That's tempting. Do Virgin throttle the 50 meg service, now that 100 is available?
  11. My speeds aren't great, but I'm miles from my exchange, my ping is lightning fast (less than 100 to iRacings american servers), I am completely unlimited so I can download anything I want, I pay £12 a month and Virgin suck cocks. Although, 50 meg is great for £35 quid, but completely new installation of virgin lines would probably cost a fortune.
  12. Me racing against (and beating) Dale Earnhardt Jr on iRacing.
  13. < This is actually me, I'm a tripping lion, fact.