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  1. I've got a lecture at 9 on wednesdays so I need to get to bed earlier than I have in the past, otherwise I'd be on for hours. I'll try and get on next week for an hour, hopefully
  2. May come on, depends what time I want to head into uni on wednesday
  3. I'll be on for an hour or two, back in uni tomorrow so I need to drag myself out of bed at a respectable time
  4. Thats me, my guys got some real class. cool looking motherfucker
  5. I'll be on again, I promise not to invite twoguns
  6. Yeah, sorry about twoguns. Had him bitching at me for ages to invite him, I told him not to do anything daft and said that it can be a good laugh as long as you dont act like a dick. He promised to play nice and then went and acted like a complete arsehole regardless. Oh and hes from sunderland too, Psy would probably testify to the cuntiness of people from there
  7. Just lost my internet connection half way through the second playlist, probably time to call it a night anyway. Great as usual guys
  8. Can I just say, my car was damaged at the end and the damage may have contributed to me veering sharply to the left On the other hand I won, so yeah, I'll try and race cleaner in the future and make the obvious slams less obvious
  9. i would of fucking won that race too ... thanks for being our biggest cheerleader... Sorry brah, had to be done, you've got no friends in a race haha
  10. Lost my connection so I think it was a good time to go to bed. I'll have to try and get involved in these more. the race was interesting, sorry to whoever I wiped out to take the win haha. (I'll speak a bit more next time, promise)
  11. Do I dare come on when I've got to be up early
  12. I'll have to start popping on here again. will be around for the next one, I swear
  13. Needs more marney. But seriously, what actually happened to him?
  14. Ahh how everything changes, sufficient wifi speeds, hits 38mb/s on the wired connection downstairs. Bliss
  15. you could come to the uk. Liverpool is a lovely city, lots of other nice places as well. London is ok if you're into that generic tourist shite edit: yeah, little bump, mah bad
  16. I suppose I'll have to get back on the site more with gta out soon, the online looks too good not to get involved with everyone again. I've sent a request thing but I dont know what that means anyway
  17. So I'm not exactly new but I've been missing from the site for a good 6 months I reckon. Nice to see theres a few new members, dont worry guys, we dont bite (although we occasionally troll and flame a few people)
  18. I'll do a few missions and then go for a drive around the map, always done it on gta games
  19. trathen

    360 vs PS3

    Play Steel Battalion once and it'll change your mind. Did somebody besides me just suggest a... Actually... the best Mecha simulator game out there? Had to search for that game then. It looks like an absolute fucker to play
  20. I think my internet has slowed right down just to troll me here, fuck sake
  21. Fuck my fucking internet connection. why did I expect this to just load
  22. negative... marney didn't know how things worked around here... Maybe its alex, wasn't he a jew or something?
  23. No more marney then? at least tell me theres another scouser been drafted in to take his place