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  1. Xbox or PS3? Well I bought my xbox simply because more of my friends owned that one! I've played on the PS3 before, and while I don't like the controller, every time they get an exclusive out, I say I will buy the PS3. Never do! If GTA or Watch Dogs were PS3 exclusive, then, then I would of been swayed.
  2. Lol, would I know this guy? And yes, I do support Chelsea. Even when they spread BS rumours about referees!!!
  3. You son of a bitch! You just had to open the floodgates didn't you. Well, this is still better than people thinking I was Alex!
  4. negative... marney didn't know how things worked around here... Maybe its alex, wasn't he a jew or something? DEFINITELY not him. Wasn't he from Israel? I think I remember asking Psy to block the entire country because of that cunt.
  5. About time. Shame I have to work on that Wednesday, definitely will watch it when I get back. Gotta admit I was expecting the trailer today, sure I'm not the only one though.
  6. Im gonna apologise for this topic in advance... But I feel so nostalgic at the moment! I've got a lot of good memories of this place back in 2009. Whether you guys have the same feelings about me is a different story!!! That first week where I only spoke in "txt"probably did it for me! It's weird, most of you are still here. I remember going on the Xbox with duff man and stoic a couple times... Used to speak to marney a lot as well. None of you have changed... That's what made this place unique! In guessing anal is still regularly served? Before you inevitably ruin me for my past-remember- I've got older!!!