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  1. I'm kinda at a loss on this as well. I've invested in some companies that have had their stock plummet hoping they'd regain after a few missions were done etc., one had regained and I think I made a 10% profit from it. Buy low sell high..!
  2. I saw an article about this. It's an awesome addition, esp. if you're paying top dollar for the collectors edition. I'm pretty sure someone at Rockstar had to give a nudge to the media or else no one would ever find out about it. Who thinks, "Hey, let me shine a blacklight over this to see if anything is hidden."
  3. I noticed when driving the textures give out a little, some minor skipping/lag, nothing major and I was driving at probably 120mph at the time in the city. Given how much the game needs to load while flying through the city with 7 year consoles I'm not making a huge fuss about it and can easily look past it. This is on PS3 by the way.
  4. It took me a little to get use to, but I believe it's an improvement from IV. IV was entirely too bouncy/boatish, the cars in V seem to stick to the ground better but still have a bit of bounce in them. I'm not exactly sure how many I sampled but I had a lot of fun driving the Mini-Cooper! Also I like how the traffic on the highways actually go the proper speed and aren't driving like grandmothers. On a side note, I was able to fly a jet with Franklin. Flying is pretty fun, wind does effect you but it's not too difficult to control. I think I got hit a few times with bullets because the right engine slowly started to give out (more and more smoke started coming out of it) I lost control and crashed haha. Awesome game.
  5. Fucking awesome. Skimmed over a few posts about getting distracted so easily... Isn't that the truth!! Did a few missions, drove around a bit to try and get a sense of how big the map is (EFFIN HUGE), robbed a convenience store, ran over some coyotes, stole a shamal and flew around (flying feels great, there is turbluence and the wind effects you), picked a fight with a few gangs in Southern L.S., got high and watched T.V., towed some vehicles. Then had to go to work probably got in about an hour and a half of game time. Living in the future has its perks! (S. Korea) haha.
  6. Oh, you seen the gameplay? Well golly-gee how wonderful for you. Nobody cares. Nobody cares what you think about the driving. Nobody cares that you've watched leaked videos. Nobody cares about anything you've had to say for days now (if even before then). I've had it up to here with your bitching and moaning about something you've decided you don't like about a game you haven't even played yet. Knock it off, this is your final warning on this matter. Amen... I've been a member here for probably less than 48 hours and I'm sick of seeing you 'bitch and moan' in basically every thread, about how the driving physics are in this game. If you don't like it, don't fucking buy the game. If you're trying to prove a point I suggest you PLAY the game first and stop giving your bullshit opinions based on WATCHING leaked gameplay footage. Did you not have enough attention as a child..? Just curious.
  7. I think it works like this: First you get matchmaked with people in your country, then if their are not any or another problem arises you will be matchmaked with people in the continent etc etc. Right, hopefully there will be enough people playing in this region I won't have to worry about lag...
  8. About 8 double Jack and Cokes gets the job done for me. Hangovers aren't too bad either.
  9. Awesome, I've tried my best to keep up with all the minor details about the game but there are way too many to keep track of! Super excited.. I think the only other game I've looked forward to this much is TLOU, which didn't disappoint.
  10. 55" LCD 1080i bought a few years ago. I like the way LCD looks compared to LED, seems brighter and crisper (more crisp? crispier?) 70" LED Sony has been calling my name though....
  11. I'd love to see a tornado pop up somewhere during one of those storms. Not exactly sure if Southern Cali has ever had any but it'd cause a lot of choas haha No tornados in Cali. Earthquakes and fires Ah thats too bad, however an occasional earthquake here and there would be a fun surprise. I am hoping that the storms cause swells in the oceans, that'd be a nice touch.
  12. I'm a bit curious on how the servers will work..? Will you be directed to the server with the best connection? Can you choose different lobbies? I'm located in South Korea, so I'm sure the only ones who will have this game are soliders over here. Koreans aren't big on PS3/XBox so I doubt many will even play the game. Has me a bit worried I'll be the only one around. Not sure if this has been mentioned in any interviews etc.?
  13. I'd love to see a tornado pop up somewhere during one of those storms. Not exactly sure if Southern Cali has ever had any but it'd cause a lot of choas haha
  14. This isn't related to the cars, but the aircraft and how they handle. I'm hoping that they're somewhat difficult to control (thinking of Battlefiled 3). Not super hard but take a little skill to get used to, or possibly wind affect how they handle and turbulence pops out of no where, maybe so bad that you end up crashing.