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  1. Oh yeah, the baller armored ones, not like the ones you saw in IV with its lights between the windows, and its "wine" bars..
  2. Limo's aren't style, they are cheap, tacky nonsense for brides to be on the night before their wedding. Its for school Proms. Style is a Helicopter or a big ass Range Rover of sorts.
  3. Wow. I said a few posts above that you have to purchase a Marina, to be able to purchase a boat, like it said in the previews. Someone then linked a preview, confirming this fact, yet you still insist there is no information on this?
  4. In the previews, they said something along the lines of "You have to be wise with your purchases, if you want to buy a boat, buy a Marina first, if you want to buy a helicopter, buy a helipad" so I imagine you can also buy planes.
  5. Well, if you remember from Vice City, you could be in the shopping mall, where the tool shop was, and you would see people running from the police, if you stopped them, the police would give you a little bit of cash, something like that would be better than getting a wanted level if you go to stop someone like in GTA IV, also in San Andreas, you could be driving around and hear sirens from the police, and witness them chasing another car through the city. Bringing those two details back would be nice.
  6. Would like to see a coastguard helicopter, along the lines of the Raindance from GTA:SA as we have the Jet Ski already
  7. The screens themselves? Well, they were taken from Facebook.
  8. And if it wasn't obvious, the helicopter shot, is the same place as where Trevor flies the Bi-plane over, and has been seen in a few previous screens. Edit - already mentioned in the mapping thread.
  9. R* have released more screens! Here are some new screens featuring a taste of the fast life in Los Santos and Blaine County. Stay tuned for much more details and media from the game in August including the first proper unveiling of Grand Theft Auto Online.
  10. I think you should man up, and deal with it. Animals can't call the police in real life either, as its not really a crime to kill them. Its also a video game, if you are the sort who is too easily upset by games, don't play them, especially not a GTA game.