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  1. So after watching E3, I see Capcom are making DEADRISING 3. Must say, it looks brilliant. Played the others and loved them. Now you're going to be able to drive proper cars in the next game. For anyone who doesn't know, the game is set 10 years after DEADRISING 2 in a new city based on Southern California named Los (something beginning with "P") and you play as a mechanic called Mike. Capcom said it's going to be much more difficult now and much more zombies in the game. There's also much more accessible buildings and new features. With Mike being a mechanic, then I'm assuming cars are going to be acessible. Here's a link to the gameplay footage if you haven't seen it yet. It's a next gen game,
  2. Yeah, never thought that through lol. I was trying to think of Mount Chilliads peak possibly having snow, and got carried away. It's not impossible to snow there though. Just hasn't really snowed since 1962 haha
  3. I'd be really impressed if you saw passengers getting on and off planes, buses, trains, etc. I would love to be able to take people on bus rides. Remember that in Vice City where you earned $5 for every pedestrian on the boss. I heard that you'll see some "wild things" on your travels in the game. This also came from the Game Informer reveal. It said you could be traveelling the countryside one day and come across the likes of 2 cars and a ton of dead bodies. Another one mentioned was in the downtown area, you could be walking and suddenly an old woman gets mugged. You can choose to do something in these type of instances. Say there's a snowy season. I'd like to see people clearing railways and runways at airports as well as gritting the road and stuff. I'm not asking too much...I'm just happy to get a great game, but this would be really impressive.
  4. What's the crack fuck features? and it's Caolan btw lol I know, colon was just an inside thing when you used to come here. That's right. Giants you say? 3-2 A sensational season from the Nottingham Panthers, winning the coveted treble: Elite league, challenge cup and the play-offs. If only Nottingham Forest won cups and leagues I'm new to the sport but I am desperate to get more involved. It's entertaining, cheaper than football, you can drink on the stands . and it'll be nice following a successful team. I will be attending my first game next season! I've only got into it as well. Brilliant sport. Nottingham deserved to win the season this year.
  5. Pure gold! Absolutely love it! One of the best raps I've heard. Put some modern day pricks to shame.
  6. What's the crack fuck features? and it's Caolan btw lol
  7. This thread is for people who wish to talk about Ice Hockey. My favourite teams are Belfast Giants, Chicago Blackhawks and Calgary Flames.
  8. Caolan McGarry

    Saints Row

    Well, SR was already dead, but this is just taking a piss. The game is someone funny to an extent, but it's the change from a fun gangster game in Stilwater to a horny bastards playground in Steelport. The game is funny, but surely if they wanted a game with zombies, aliens, and many other fucked things, then a completely new title would've been acceptable.
  9. GTA V will be the best game of all time, but Watch Dogs...this game looks pure gold. It's a bit like that show Person of Interest. Watched many clips of it, and I'm definitely going to invest in it.
  10. Only back on here, so I'm only seeing this now. I think THQ's demise was a long time coming. Not just with killing WWE games, but with Saints Row and stuff. They just took a shit on most of their games in the last 3 years it's unbelievable. Hopefully 2kSports can revive the WWE games. Unfortunately Deep Silver have made Saints Row even worse. After SR2 the shit hit the fan for them guys.
  11. Ordered myself the Special Edition. Couldn't be arsed with the hat and little things not needed that are in the Collectors Edition. Any additonal in game content included in Collectors Edition e:g playing as past GTA characters online you can probably get on PSN, Xbox marketplace anyways.
  12. I don't know if anyone's heard of him before, but I heard the artist Kavinsky might have his own radio station called NightRide.Fm Now, the rumor is old news, but it was never shot down and Kavinsky never tweeted saying if he was or wasn't in GTA V unlike Young Mayley.
  13. McGarry is bck folks! Been so busy with things since Christmas, but I'm back now.