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  1. Could you just switch characters and invest with them, seeing as you know the tip
  2. I wonder the same thing. When you go into the garage press right on the d-pad and you can choose. Special cars are stored separately to regular cars
  3. Cheats in the phone were better than trying to remember IMO
  4. Apparently Amazon have been naughty and shipped their stock of GTA V this weekend
  5. All of the hands on previews, like IGN and others, have all said there's only very minimal differences, and that they are barely noticeable. Also, I'm personally not trusting the leaked videos as I reckon that some douchebags are trying to make the game look bad in the leaks, so that shit like COD:Ghosts will get better sales. Activision are probably behind the whole leaked video scandal!
  6. Rockstar confirmed that there's gonna be a crap load, into the 1000's
  7. I found this on the Lifeinvader site, shows some great customization. It's called the Vapid Bullett, which i think is the mustang type car. This is a direct quote from the site - "#BeforeAndAfter We just gave this Vapid Bullett a bit more heat for the street – whoa! #LSCustoms" - the link if anyone wants to check it out
  8. Poppy Mitchell, the starlet from the new website update, is technically returning from TBoGT. She was a bit part character that you help during club management
  9. If it's not legit, then the artist did a fantastic job
  10. I'm interested to see how the discounts will work. I would assume that when you sign into the social club in game, they would be usable.
  11. Also, don't forget that those lucky enough (myself included) will be getting the blueprint map, which should reveal some of the secrets and will probably be a tad more in-depth too, I would have thought
  12. I don't know if its been mentioned (I'm not reading 37 pages) but I really hope that the Zit system returns from GTA4 as it was so useful
  13. well obviously, that's like the first thing that I am going to do. I just realized that I have class that night, and not just any class but one of the most important classes of the graduate program. I can't miss class so I am not going to be able to play until close to 11pm on the 17th. That's going to be one very long day for me. Dude, that seriously sucks. I thought I had a bit of a wait, but I'll only have to wait until around 5pm (UK time). If you want my advice, don't go on the internet at all, in case of spoilers
  14. I forgot that you could rob smaller places. I'm totally going on a convenience store robbery spree. Then I'm investing the takings as soon as I can