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  1. They are NOOSE though , their uniforms it says "police" not FIB. However on one mission there are FIB agents wearing NOOSE body Armour : Would of been good if they made it like payday 2 : police swat, then FBI agents, then after that FBI SWAT come.
  2. I only see SWAT officers in the FIB Grangers , I never see FIB agents driving them.
  3. Slightly off topic but can you get a bounty put on you if you haven't killed anyone? I got a bounty put on me after getting killed by someone twice in a row ? I dislike how there aren't any sharks.
  4. Like the TBGT dlc, make the swat use better weapons, like the assault sub machine gun and assault shotgun.
  5. The police is disappointing in this game: The police only use pistols, pump shotguns and assault carbines . I was expecting the police to use a bigger variety of weapons including sub- machine guns,why don't the SWAT teams have sniper rifles ? The FIB isn't included in the wanted level. It's get boring jut fighting the police and SWAT over and over again. They had an FBI SWAT Team working with FIB officers in certain missions, why not include them in the wanted level ? The Army isn't included in the wanted level, I know it's unrealistic but having tanks chase you in San Andreas fun. If try defending myself from gang members , even just by punching them , I get a 1 star wanted level. Most of the time when I try helping the police I get a star.
  6. I stole a plane and managed to keep it in the air for a few minutes before deciding to crash it. .
  7. I started a fight with someone who swore at me, I then called the police thinking the police would help me.However as soon as the cops arrived the guy walked away , and the police drove off. I was hoping the police would chase or arrest him , I have tied this 3 times and I got the same result.
  8. OK I I have found them at Ammunation, but how do you equip them on your character ? Are they stored at your house?
  9. After starting the game, this a lot easier said than done.
  10. I have downloaded and installed the dlc, but I cant find the .50 pistol at Ammunation. Anybody know where to get it?
  11. I want to to get some decent weapons before I start any missions, so I'll get a 3 or 4 star wanted level to get SWAT attention, then kill the SWAT officers and take their guns, or I'll just rob some stores and use that money to buy weapons in Ammunation.
  12. I wonder if airport security will be more stronger this time.
  13. Attempt to steal an aircraft and see if I can land it in the military base.