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  1. I know this is an older post, but they have basically confirmed something like that.
  2. Add me to the roster; born and raised in Ohio until I made my escape to the Sunshine State. Is it bad I read this to the tune of Fresh Prince of Bel Air?
  3. Well, there is a possibility of some of the not so main characters from IV coming back, but not Roman, Packie, Niko or whatever. No San Andreas ones. I'd like to see Brucie back, as in IV he had "Brucie's executive lifestyle autos" which was a car customization business, and now you can modify cars in V...
  4. Well, having seen two seperate crashes in trailers, both involving Trevor, it shows the damage is improved. Trailer 2 we see the two trains colliding on the bridge, they both launch into the air, parts fly off, and they also bend as would probably happen in real life. Trevors own trailer we see him driving a car head on into a train, and the front of the car is totally crushed in the fraction of a second we see it, as would actually happen in real life.
  5. The bottom is based on the render of the new "Super Veyron" and the top is a Mercedes SLS Roadster, with Jaguar F-Type headlights. Any car questions, even though I am a noob to the forum (previously a lurker) just ask. Also, this is very definitely a Mitsubishi Eclipse. Apologies for spamming the thread, but wasn't this one a TBoGT only car previously?