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  1. The title says it all. Mine is a 45 Inch HD Panasonic TV Kinda like this:
  2. I was just asking since this is a cool forum. Jeez, Roman shouldn't of have told me to go online.
  3. I don't know what's up with this forum, but it seems to be in-active even though it has 14,000 members.
  4. Cos your name won't change on quoted posts of yours after you've changed your name. Yesterday his name was MMC, today, it ain't. Mystery solved. Because when I first signed up in the forums, I was known as MMC.
  5. I'm pretty sure that the final game will have better graphics than the two trailers combined.
  6. Never noticed there is an Arkham City topic. Shit!
  7. 15 domain names registered Thought I'd share.
  8. I have searched, and I found nothing related to this.
  9. I am just curious to hear all of your thoughts on this as I am really hoping the driving is really better than GTA IV. How will it be improved?
  10. if you are left-handed, then why am i the only vote?? kinda curious what the ratio is here... i'd guess 20-25% are left-handed... where i work though, it's almost 50-50... a lot of artists are left handed... Because I didn't vote.
  11. I chose PS3, because well, err, I have a PS3.
  12. Pretty interesting. I have to play with this "gimmick" before I can judge with anything though.
  13. Are you left handed or right handed? I'm left handed, but I do most of the things with my right hand.
  14. Good art by PB, but I think the other ones made by him are much better in my opinion.
  15. I think the box art will be revealed next week or the week after next week, and a new artwork next week.
  16. Play as Trevor (If possible), find a plane, fly across the map and cause mayhem.
  17. If there are nightclubs in V, there should be more minigames than GTA TBoGT, IMO.