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  1. I'll be playing almost equally with all three of them. Why in the hell would I cheat myself of the things each character can do?
  2. The first verse sounded like some Tyler The Creator shit. Lol! This was pretty good.. had some dope lyrics in it.
  3. I was alright with them in GTA IV. Great activity to take your friends to, but after that, not much else. Although, one thing I did like one of the exclusive tracks played there (big Rick James fan). If it does make a return (which I'm sure it will), I hope it will be expanded up on. Obviously, ownership would be nice. Since the game will have random events/encounters, it would be nice if there were several random possibilities, specifically designed for said strip club, were on a loop: You go one time and some guy getting a private dance gets a little agressive with the dancer; do you intervene? Next time, maybe some gang runs in and tries to rob the club; will you stop them or let them proceed? Another time, maybe a dancer comes up to you and asks for you to escort her home because a creepy stalker plans to follow her home and strike. In a somewhat more complex fashion, if you go to the club within a certain time/short window (say between 02:40 and 3:10), you can meet a slick guy who has a dirty job for you that branches into a set of missions away from the club.
  4. Why does that concern you? Because it implies to me that there won't be much of a story focus outside of Los Santos proper, or that the area outside of town isn't all that interesting. There may not be any countryside in the box art, but there are 19 official screenshots from Rockstar that were taken of and/or inside of the countryside are. And that's of actual gameplay, so that should indicate there will be a good portion of missions in the sticks (Not to mention the fact that Trevor lives there, blew up a house and trashed a mobile home in the 2nd trailer).
  5. You can't judge much from Rockstar's cover art (in-game wise), but still, I wonder if that shot with Michael on the ski is any way related to Franklin on the motorbike -- since they're both carrying duffle bags. Although the game is centered around heists, I wouldn't think the game would require you to continuously separate, carrying duffle bags at the end of every mission. All in all, it looks great.
  6. Franky is once again wearing a bandana over his face while he's using a "tear shit up" type of gun. I'm starting to believe that's more than just a regular clothing accessory, but an identity hider, the way it worked for John Marston in Read Dead Redemption. So, that might hint at an 'Honor' system in GTA V, and to shake the cops faster. Which makes a lot of sense, because you can see how heavy the police presence has been in every single batch of screens they've released.
  7. Totally agree. Cheats take away from any feeling of progression and accomplishment. Earning money by doing various missions, activities, gambling or by robbing is better than just entering a cheat. Progressing through the Main Story missions or completing a certain number of challenges/ activities to unlock weapons/ upgrades/ cars/ safehouses is better then entering a cheat. Looking for collectibles and getting spawned weapons that way, or completing vigilante/ ambulance/ firefighting missions and getting bonuses boosting health/ armour and the ability to become fireproof is better then just entering a cheat to become invincible/ or replace your health and armour automatically. Cheats are better for going on killing sprees, and for generally creating as much mayhem as you can, seeing how long you can last against the cops ( although if there is an invincible cheat you could last forever/ unless they have a glitch like in GTA SA where police helicopter rounds are able to penetrate you ). I don't save after accessing cheats, and usually won't fuck around with them until most of the game is completed. And I definitely never use them for story missions. I agree with this 100%. The only time I use cheats is after I have already beaten the game legit, and sometimes, not even on my second, but my third run-through, I would then start using cheats. Only because after a couple of run-throughs, I do get tired of starting off with nothing and having to work it all back up again, so I'll do the money, guns, and cars cheats. I'm not a fan of running through the streets, free roaming, causing mayhem after I beat the game, it gets boring to me; I like to just start it back up again. Hopefully, one day GTA will have New Game+.
  8. I'd like to have a supercar with mounted machine guns on it. It's fiction as hell, but I would love it if there was one deep inside the military base or something, as a 'top secret weapon.' Something similar to Sleeping Dogs' Wheels of Fury DLC car.
  9. Dymez

    1979 The Game

    ADANAI Sits Down with Grand Theft Auto Director Navid Khonsari to Discuss Iran, Gaming, and His New Project, 1979 Iranian-born filmmaker Navid Khonsari was part of the creative team for legendary video game titles Grand Theft Auto: Vice city and Max Payne. He is back with a game about his homeland. (PRWEB) March 04, 2013 People came to Grand Theft Auto for the crime sprees and car jackings, but they stayed for the cinematic story and great performances. For that they can thank Navid Khonsari, the Iranian-born filmmaker who directed the voice-overs and motion capture on Max Payne, GTA III, GTA: Vice City and GTA: San Andreas to name a few. Now the Grand Theft Auto Director is back with a game about his homeland: 1979, a stealth actioner set in the fateful year when revolution ravaged Iran, coming soon to tablets and smart phones. Game developer Navid Khonsari recently discussed his new game, 1979, with ADANAI.com writer John Zurhellen. Iranian born Khonsari was quick to draw some parallels between pre-revolution Iran and the modern western cultures of the ‘70s. “Iran before the revolution was quite modern. Same music as the West, same fashions; bell bottoms. I never saw my mother cover up. If you take a look at her passport picture from 1978, she looks like a modern young woman that could be living in San Francisco, London or Helsinki,” said Khonsari. Khonsari then explained the changes, and what drove them. “After the revolution, for the next 30 years, the clocks get turned back. Take a look at her (referring to his mother) passport 20 years later, she’s got no makeup. She had to cover up. So when we have discussions about whether to bomb Iran, we’re not bombing a country back into the past. Iran was on the forefront of modernism and maybe that’s part of the problem. It got too modern, too quick, but it had an infrastructure and one of the most educated populations in the world.” Khonsari’s goal as a popular game developer is not to educate but to entertain people. However, he doesn’t mind if people learn something along the way. “In the process of entertaining, I can provide an insight into why there’s been a black and white relationship between the west and Iran over the past 30 years,” Khonsari concluded. To read the full interview, visit http://adanai.com/grand-theft-auto-director/ Coming soon, to Tablets and Smartphones. I have to say, I'm not ecstatic about the platforms.
  10. Dymez


    Shit! I'm not expecting GTA V for PS4, personally. I'm in fear that this may mean 'Agent' is officially cancelled. Hopefully, that's not the case. I just combed through the pdf and found that Take-Two Interactive is listed, but they weren't on the screen at the Sony event, so most likely Rockstar is just hiding under them.
  11. Go to your nearest wooded area, skin a rabbit (or any other animal you can catch and kill), and attempt to sell its pelt to any department store of your choice. Then, come back and tell us how that worked out for you, and then you'll have your answer as to why we shouldn't be able to sell pelts in GTA V.
  12. Well.... Goodwin ended up, officially, at 4.27, Austin ended up running at 4.34 and so did McCalebb. CJ can breathe easy for at least another year. I really thought McCalebb's 4.21 was going to get him, though. Looks like, so did CJ
  13. Onterio McCalebb just ran a 4.21 (unofficial). CJ2K is sweating.
  14. It's more than likely just a placeholder price tag.
  15. That price tag may scare off a motherfucker or two. LMAO!