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  1. Rough is an under statement... Urgh

  2. Please take 30 seconds to vote for my charity, it's quick, it's easy and it's free, but it might help raise £5,000 to ensure a nursery and waterhole are built in Kenya.

  3. travelling route is planned, time to scrape myself off the ceiling and do some work

    1. Stoic Person Eater

      Stoic Person Eater

      I once had to scrape a woman off the ceiling.

      What a mess.

  4. is excited to meet Stacey Anne Lucas and plan our travels tomorrow :) yippy

  5. loves Laura Young for bringing me a McDonald's to my door :) I am now ready for my 7th night in a row

    1. Pieface


      Do you know a certain charity that needs peoples money Marney?

  6. As if I'm going to Asia for 5 weeks in the summer :)

  7. bloody nurse bank... What a joke! I'll be qualified before they manage to complete my application properly!

  8. is looking forward to working 99 hours in the next 8 days... Naaaat :(

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    2. Post-traumatic amnesia

      Post-traumatic amnesia

      I know, it's called split personalities. Who are you right now?

    3. Nixxy


      And I will only get paid £100 for all of those hours :( Waaaahhhh!

    4. Pieface


      £1.01 an hour?

  9. is looking for flights to Thailand instead of doing assignments, definitely the better option :)

    1. Post-traumatic amnesia

      Post-traumatic amnesia

      How can you go to Thailand when the starving children in Kenya needs you? Have you donated to the children lately?


    2. ViceMan


      Well called Mr. Norway.

  10. hates that my room is like an actual sauna but I can't open the window because a wasp the size of Nibbles just came in :'(

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    2. Massacre


      Cower in fear, foolish mortals, before the almighty power of the many-toothed vagina of doom, NIBBLES!!!!

    3. Edgecrusher


      I think it's a hamster.

    4. ViceMan


      It's a puppet!

  11. Hates it when you can't sleep but need to be up in 5 hours for a 14 hour shift on placement :(

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    2. TreeFitty
    3. Massacre


      Horse tranquilizers.

    4. ViceMan


      A strong blow to the back of the head with a sledgehammer.

  12. Bored of doing uni work? Take a break and do something good with your time, vote for my charity to help raise the funds to build a nursery in Kenya. Please?

  13. is actually in the library by choice for the first time ever. Someone come get me please

  14. I went there to vote for you, but it told me to log in or sign up. I don't want more accounts on the internet... I hope you win though! Yeah they do that to make sure you only vote for the charity once, it's putting loads of people off voting which is a shame
  15. Well help me get this £5k then I'll get the children to build you a statue out of cow poo during one of their art lessons