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  1. I went there to vote for you, but it told me to log in or sign up. I don't want more accounts on the internet... I hope you win though! Yeah they do that to make sure you only vote for the charity once, it's putting loads of people off voting which is a shame
  2. Well help me get this £5k then I'll get the children to build you a statue out of cow poo during one of their art lessons
  3. You tell me this AFTER i've given you £10? And I didn't even get any boobs for it. Haha soz... Just be glad that your £10 will change the lives of those children!
  4. Ok folks I have a new plan, that doesn't involve you giving up a single penny of your hard earned cash. Please can you vote for my charity on here and get everyone you know to do it. It only takes a few seconds to do, and whoever gets the most votes gets £5,000 to go towards their charity. The charity that currently has the most votes only has 396, which isn't a lot to beat if everyone can get a few people to sign up too. Vote here Thank you
  5. Waaah give me some money you horrible monsters.
  6. Swimming with the sea lions. Also did I mention the children of Africa need your money? Waaahhh why is the picture so big?!
  7. I agree with you that millions of pounds have been given and there is hardly anything to see from it but that's because the government is so corrupt unless you give the money directly to a community the government pocket it. Last year I went to Kenya for 5 weeks to work in a tiny rural village in their hospital and schools, which were all funded by charity and had the charity (Kenya Acorn Project) not gone directly to the area to build and help then it would have never happened, but it made such a massive difference to the lives of the people there. To get into the police or army in Kenya you have to be from the right tribe, and you then have to pay your way in. They work by receiving bribes from people... If you don't have car insurance they demand a bribe and then you're free to go. There was a girl on an exchange program, where a school in America was going to pay for her to be educated in America, but to get a passport her dad had to bribe 3 different people in the passport office at every stage of the process, even though there was absolutely no reason why she couldn't have a passport. So when raising this money it will be given directly to the Masai Village and the project is being overseen by one of the owners of the charity, so it will make a difference in the lives of these people, even if it's only a small change on the scale of things.
  8. Thank you so much guys
  9. Basically while I was in Kenya last month I visited a Maasai village that had absolutely nothing except houses made of cow poo and a couple of goats. The children had to walk for hours all by themselves to get to school, in the baking hot sun and with the dangers of wild animals such as lions and elephants just wandering around. I'm trying to raise enough money to build and kit out a nursery in the village that will benefit the whole community and provide both girls and boys with an education, as the Maasai culture is that boys are educated but do nothing whereas the girls cannot go to school as they need to collect water, build houses, cook, look after the children etc. During lent if you've given something up please donate the 50p you would normally spend on chocolate or crisps so that we can give these children their nursery as soon as possible, and also ask your family and friends. If you gave £5 all it would mean is you went without one drink on a night out. If you gave £10 it would mean giving up a take away for one week, but it would change the lives of the people in the village forever. I know normally when you give to charity you don't know where the money is going or what it is being used for, but 100% of the money raised will be going directly to the village to build this nursery and there will be a visable difference as they have nothing at all now, but hopefully within a few months or a year they will have a solid brick nursery complete with furniture and equipment. Every single penny would be greatly appreciated so please give anything you can, even if it is just a bit of loose change. There's more information about the village and the project on my Just Giving page. My Just Giving page Thank you.
  10. Is this the same thing you were spamming us about last year? I don't remember spamming anything last year but it wasn't this as I only went to Kenya at the start of this month. Maybe it was a contest, something where we had to vote for you. I remember I voted. What became of that? Oh yeah that Miss Student UK thing... I came second out of Newcastle and was put through to the final in London but then the company went bust and it never happened.
  11. Is this the same thing you were spamming us about last year? I don't remember spamming anything last year but it wasn't this as I only went to Kenya at the start of this month.
  12. I got her to test something for me, so I said she could spam her charity link. Feel free to donate. Although everyone on here has no money anyway, so... unlucky! But if you don't donate you'll be thrown off the forums... So your choice really.
  13. I'm Nicola, Psy's sister and I only registered to beg your for your money... Please?