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  1. I am quit baffled they didn't add some sort of flying boat yet, considering the amount of water surface in the game. That would be super-cool
  2. It've been most pleasant two years with you guys!
  3. It's a pity there is no sign of flying boats in they game. They would be so much fun with all the water area..
  4. As a PC gamer this makes me mad that you're probably right. I wonder is it all because of torrents? But you can download an Xbox disc also Rockstar games PC-ports are raw and clearly made with sleeves down
  5. where else could i have found a stool in a gta hud discussion...
  6. There are no pictures on the collage, we hadnt seen before.. yet. Could be a prank. Though chopper looks fresh
  7. I want a motherfucking tank in V with tracks n' shit. no wheels. so it can ride over cars and maul them. that would be sweet
  8. I bet they are. Kinda forgot this scene was in the trailer Maybe there are both types. As those in the trailer look like they cant unload from the ship, but only upload from solid ground beneath them to the train or truck. There are some other types on the background. They must be just near the coastline. Anyway, i wonder if they are movable. Maybe a 'Fetch'a crate' minigame
  9. might those in the orange(blue) be port container cranes.
  10. I am totally waiting for something like Sunderland flying boat aircraft.