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  1. mine is ; and I quote " FUCK " obviously CJ
  2. That doesnt mean that he COULDNT be the protagonist. Ive seen 50 year olds that are quite healthy, and who is to say it isnt him? we wont know till we get more info, or the game comes out. and i agree with other people that some of the other charactors could be easter eggs, maybe hidden ones, or even on the news or somthing. I hope to see someone like Sweet, or maybe Ceaser Vailpando. because they would both be pretty old, but whos to say you cant do jobs for the gang leaders. I also would like to see The truth come back, he was one of my favorite charactors of the whole series. And Maybe if Mike Torreno comes back, you would have to do odd jobs for whatever agency he is in. I think Mike Torreno would give you alot of mission options, and so would the Truth. Well now we all now its Trevor, Michael and Franklin so this is done
  3. just cos Franklin's black doesn't mean he's a swag QD haven't you seen any of the trailers and the screenshots
  4. I dont think we have the type of characters to skateboard it just wouldn't fit imagine Trevor grindin seriously ?
  5. That and Mike is probably more able bodied than Trevor. They mentioned yoga and shit. That's probably Michaels thing. Trevor abuses drugs and alcohol so I'd think hes the slower character. But in the second trailer he is seen jumping off a train soo...
  6. Yeah, it always used to annoy me in past GTA's how you would be driving, then the game would automatically park in a parking spot whenever you wanted to get out of the car. Or when you're driving a boat, and the boat would automatically dock itself and the character would get out and rope it to the dock (and you couldn't skip it). It really annoyed me, however, when you would go to jump out of a helicopter and the game would automatically land you on the nearest "H" landing spot and you would just step out. I really hope they fix this in GTA V. what gta are you playing
  7. What a beautiful fucking game ! imagine you being in a submarine and a shark trying to smash the hell out of it then panicking like hell !
  8. hate to be a dick but sharks are classed as mammals, yeah im being that guy lol but id LOVE to see sharks we better get some bears in the woods, its just fucking funny when a bear mauls someone in the woods online in RDR xD Sharks are fish because they have gills
  9. Haha good days I remember seeing people getting chased by cops in iv and then me beating the shit out of them and suddenly getting chased by the same cop soooo there are ppl getting chased other than u
  10. What he said. Maybe an Aircarft Carrier off the coast somewhere and flies in jets when you go proper mental in the in a plane or at sea. I wonder if there'll be an Area 51 type place somewhere with a super secret weapon again like the jetpack in SA. There cant be because area 51 is in Nevada and the game is L.A and surrounding areas