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  1. What if the guy you play is actually a under cop or a cop gone rogue or something like that. A fed maybe. But you're not held down by the same rules as the authorities. You'd be acting as a merc to try and get a foot hold into some gang and then destroy it. And then something bad happens like the only guy who knows your real identity gets shot or run over. Something like that could be good. Highly doubt thats what it'll be like though.
  2. Haven't played this for almost a week now. The glitchin on it is starting to really piss me off, but its the playstation that got the problem right? Not the game. I switch it on and after about hour half or when i get near either a big city or a big waterfall the ps3 just can't keep up with everything it has to load. Was never a fan of Obvivion, thought it was shit personally and i stuck to Fallout but Skyrim has got to be one of my all time favorites after the MGS's. I just hope the next one will be on the ps4 or whatever it'll be called. Hmm don't have work till 6, might go play for abit.
  3. I'm getting bored of this subject now. Nothings gunna change QD unless it really needs to be, and until new info comes out and the forum stays dead. But i do agree with your last post. You're not gunna own a shop and leave shit lying around the front window are you. You're gunna tidy it up and either chuck it away or atleast put it in a back room somewhere away from the front of the shop.
  4. I'm hoping they'll change it up a bit from 4 and like how you could change clothes and stuff in SA, in this one you can create you own protagonist.to a certain exstant. White, Black, mexican. All with their different voice actors. Doesn't change the storyline majorly but you'd notice slight differents in some parts of the game. Just a thought.
  5. oh yeah the easteregging truthtelling license plates. Now it's clear that we get the whole state of San Andreas back. 1:1 replica of GTASA, only better graphics. peeew lucky me. now... we can see a lot in the trailer. we can see what's supposed to be the pacific. probably we can swim all the way to hawaii. there's construction sites, maybe we can help building the houses minecraft style. seriously... the license plate thing has been pointed out like 3 billion times already. US plates ALWAYS have the STATE written on it, therefore it says San Andreas, nothing else to it, no proof of San Fierro, Las Venturas, an arbitrary recreation of San Diego deep underneath the infinite desert with a hidden entrance through the bigfoot cave on mt chiliad, no nothing. period. San Andreas is a fictional state depicting the US southwest. Why they (R*) got it wrong in GTA SA where the plates listed the city instead of the state is beyond my knowledge, but this was rectified in GTAIV already and I recon it won't change in 5. They even went a little further and recreated different styles of California license plates (as in different years of issue) plus re-introduced actual registrations. And once again, San Andreas is not Los Santos... jeees is it that hard?? Of course we get a hell of a lot of same stuff we've seen in Los Santos in GTASA, most probably because there's the chance that both Los Santos are based on the same real life city of Los Angeles. But Las Venturas is not Los Santos and San fucking Fierro isn't Los Santos either. I'm curious. Are you Dan Houser?? Or someone else from Rockstar Games?? Or are you just Psychic?? Or a time traveller?? None of the above? Rockstar haven't released all the infomation on their game yet so how do you know they aren't holding back? It's all speculation right now. For all we know the " It's Los Santos and the surrounding countryside - and a very big map." quote could mean anything. Take "side" out of it and that would make a pretty big map lol. Joking aside very few people know exactly what GTA5 will hold in store. You've gotta wait for all the info before you start getting all angry over other people's posts.
  6. Thanks for clearing that up. Just made me curious. I learned something new today. Woop!
  7. So are the mods actually monitoring the front of site?? Cos like i said it looks messy (personally). And obviously you know what all the mods do as admin. But if you're happy with it thats all that matter really anyway. Ain't my site. Just making suggestions.
  8. Of course they ain't a problem. Just making a point. And i didn't realize some were inactive at the time of my first post. At the end of the day the forum is cleaned up very way. I'm just playing devil's advocate. The comment i made about the posts on the front page was that it still makes the front of the site look messy. Why not have it all in one place? (On the forum) And can the mods actually moderate the front page? Or is that Admin only? And everything else you said you're spot on with. The site will get busier as soon as new info comes out until then............... Oh and are people really getting warned for spamming?? Fair enough if they're going crazy all over the forum but if there new to the site and they've only done it a few times just nicely remind them not do it. But you're probably doing that already anyway.
  9. One more thing. Don't mean to piss anyone off it's just an observation. But fair enough the admins aren't here 24/7 that's what the mods are for. There here to make the admins jobs easier. But when you've got Pyro (Last Active Jan 15 2012 07:51pm) & Asthenia (Last Active Jan 22 2012 11:55pm) not even coming on to the forum for over a week why have them as mods at all. Nothing against you guys you're probably good at it but how are you moderating anything if you're not here. Or is it just a title given to you if you've been here so long?? Edit by Mods:
  10. Fair enough if it was just a deleted topic, didnt think of that. But still, why doesn't it get deleted from the main page aswell??
  11. Why is it that on the Home page (when i wrote this) in the Latest Forum Discussion part theres the topic The reason why no one searches and/or doesn't post in main/default topics. ? Just goes to a Denied page. I know there's a part of the forum only the mods and admins can see but why's it show up on the Home page discussion. Doesn't make sense.
  12. Can i change my guess??? I wanna change it to the 30th October in England and 26th October for America.
  13. A dead forum will push people away as much as anything. You walk past your local pub and see through the window that theres no one in there. Are you going in or carry on walking? If nothings going on there's nothing to stay for while we wait for news on gta. I'm not saying let the forum go wild but atleast let it out to take a piss and play fetch for a while. Personally i think there's to many mods at the moment. They might of been needed ages ago when this place was busy but not now. you've got 6 mods and 3 admin. Fair enough psy's off doing whatever psy does. but when the forum is barely having 4-5 new threads a day, you've got more mods than threads for them to manage. But who gives a fuck really. Psy will only care if we get a month before the release date and the forum is as dead as it is now. Not saying it'll happen but it could. I remember back in the good old days wait on news for SA people would be posting 20-30 a day. Some of it was random and retarded but it kept the forum active. The more active the forum the more it attracts new members. Fact. One more thing. I've just been reading the comments left on the main page about the release date. I'm guessing it's not connected to the forum but it's mostly idiotic comments about gta coming out in feburary and a month after MP3 and thats Admin approved or atleast it says that. If anything needs to be mod'd a little more it's that. You can't have one rule for the forum and a different one for the main page. And surely if you didn't even have that on the main page and had it in the forum instead, the guests would have to sign up and the forum would have more people posting.
  14. I'm bored so i just typed in gta 5 into google. This sites 5th on the list. yay!

    1. DuPz0r


      it's 4th for me

      > www.rockstargames.com/V


      >GTA5 Wiki


    2. Qdeathstar


      i licked balls the otherday..

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  15. ^^ How did you get away from it the first time? The only thing that keeps me away from it is sleep, work & the misses nagging me to do stuff! >_>
  16. Loving the sarcasm. Turn the whole game into the Sims why not. I remember this same thread being made 9 years ago before San Andreas came out. How boring it would be to have a game where you can pretty much do anything at anytime and then all of a sudden you have to stop and check your gas meter. Woooohooooo! fun times. It won't happen unless R* have gone mad. GTA's all about being simple to play and fun. You start to change that to much into realism and you'll lose your hardcore Gta'ers in my opinion. The only thing gas stations are good for are for blowing the fuck up.
  17. Love to see a secret fourth city in it. Obviously L.A. will return, probably with San Fran and LV. Maybe San Diego because of all the military bases there and that it's close to mexico. Or even maybe Fresno as it's by some national parks. Having some wildlife near a city would change it up abit. You're walking on the streets and suddenly a bear comes from nowhere and eats a dog.
  18. Had a major glitch last night, but could only do it once, sort of. I was in Windhelm doing the Murderer quest and was waiting around the market place to find the killer. Anyway i got bored waiting and started jumping up at the blacksmith sigh and making it swing. All of a sudden on one of my jumps the game sticks for a second (or did something) then i'm falling. I end up in the sea, no land anywhere. Obviously i'm thinking "what the fuck". I look on my map and i've some how manage to end up miles to the south west of the map. I still have my arrows pointing me to my quests so i start swimming. I do this for a good 20-30 mins, and i didn't seem to be getting any closer. Then i tried just diving straight down, had a potion that let me waterbreath for a minute but never found the bottom and i drowned. Reloaded and tried it again but the ps3 kept crashing. But on one occasion i suddenly jump/flew to the otherside of the market, really weird. Only thing i can think of is that my pushing of the sign glitches it to catapult me somewhere. Give it a go and let me know. Oh and Delphine finally forgave me for whatever i pissed her off with so a can now continue the main storyline. Currently in Winterhold doing the magic stuff, don't really cared for it but figured it might help getting some decent spells just incase i need them, But with my magicka only at 120 and all the magic schools not even pasted 30 i don't think i'll be relying on them heavierly. Keeping to the heavy armour and sneak attacks work best for me, plus the shouts of course.
  19. My memory isn't great on gta's before vice city but isn't the guy you play in gta3 the same guy you play as in 1 and 2? Probably not. all i remember from 1 & 2 are the tanks and the Austin Powers cars.
  20. Sorry. I should of elaborated. When the guy you buy the breezehome from in whiterun is sleeping there's a way to buy the house off him then before he can get out of bed you get out of the conversation and put all your gold in the draw next to his bed. He still gives you the key but there's no gold to take from you. You then just have to retreive the gold back from the draw. It took me a couple of tries to do it cos you've gotta be quick but it is possible. I was sure i read that in this thread. >_>
  21. Can't see the dog. Looks like a shadow or some rubbish. If there's dogs great (more to shoot at). But Dinosaurs, wow. I wanna ride a T'Rex. Imagine sticking gang tags on them and walking into another gangs place while riding T'Rex's armed with flamethrowers. Amazing.
  22. I can't see them making another game without someone making another movie, just wouldn't fit right. And I can't see someone ever making a new film because times have change. The film was amazing and the game at the time was good. Maybe they'll remake the game at some point down the line but can't see it being anytime soon.
  23. Sweet hated pot. Plus he nor CJ had a back garden, only Ryder. That guy obviously didn't play SA, and seems to have a strong passion for Tommy... But didn't he only hate crack because it was destroying the hood? (crack epedemic) I don't recall him hating weed. Really?? And Sweet did have a back garden. It was small but big enough to fit a grave. And you're right, he didn't care for crack, but he did like the odd blunt. And what i meant by no more russian i meant anythink that sounds remotely like eastern European. Just can't stand there acsents anymore, but thanks for the correction. Never realized how much Serbian sounds just like russian. Never met one but would of thought they'd sound more like Bulgarian, don't know why, strange.
  24. i was gonna suggest that you look at your active spells to see if you've been turned into a vampire and your in a later stages of vampirism, but it's only happening when you enter her shop... perhaps you beat up on her when you were fighting that dragon and she has a grudge against you... if you could, i would go back a couple hours to a previous save... that is, if you keep an extra save handy... i have the main one for use when i am happy with the progress, and i have one for when i am progressing... sometimes i contemplate having a 3rd save... but i bet waiting it out for a few days might work... go somewhere way away, go indoors, and wait it out, maybe try a week... otherwise, i don't know what else to say... No Vampirism. And if i'd hit her while fighting the dragon she wouldn't of spoken to me afterwards. I don't know if anyone else noticed though that after you kill that dragon and Delphine fucks back off to Riverwood, if you go back to Whiterun first she stops off there in the Inn, only just remembered that. She was at the cooking pot and she just says she'll speak back in riverwood. I did steal a sword from her place while she wasn't looking and she didn't react at the time. I have 3 save spots but went over the time before all that ages ago cos i save alot. It'll be such a fucking shame if i have to start again cos i hate games with glitches and i'd never finish it. fingers crossed some how the stupid game will unglitch it's self. One last thing, thanks to whoever put that post on about getting the free house in Whiterun (can't be bothered to troll back to find out who it was). Let's just say it was you........yes you..........you're reading this arn't you??............thanks. p.s. I've watched so much Family Guy in the last two weeks when ever i'm thinking the voice in my head sounds like Stewie. >_>
  25. 1. Skyrim (It's a Fallout replacement but better) 2. L.A. Noire (even tho it was really short it was still good) 3. Deus Ex (Sort of reminded me of Metal Gear) 4. Football Manager 2012 (i hate it cos it's so realistic and Andy Carroll is still shit! and no one will buy him from me!!! But it's still amazing) 5. Mod Warfare 3 (Good to finally finish the storyline, it almost ended up being like the Matrix films, 1st one amazing and the other to you just wanted to know how it ends. Bad Company is funner to play)