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  1. Just to let you know... if i play 1 hour of any video game in a week, it is a miracle, so yeah i am awaiting GTA 5 pretty badly cause it reminds me of when i was younger, when i used to play gta SA... so i am just waiting for this really particular game because it s really been the only games i LOVED to play before (expected from GTA IV) and i was so surprised and excited the other day when i discovered there will be a new GTA with a cali customisation around the city of L.A. I just wanted to chat about it a little bit and see what people think... was just thinking it would be disappointing to have only one city, even if it s huge...(for me) so i decided to come here and ask people what they think about it regarding to what i saw in the trailer (licence plate and all) so no need to get excited litterer... why wouldn t you leave people talking their thing ? i mean this conversation causes no harm here to anybody. And if people feel like questions are relevent, they will just answer freely without anybody here saying we re stupid talking about it and debating it one more time... And as pitbull said, nobody knows... so whatever let s stick to this statement ; " It's Los Santos and the surrounding countryside - and a very big map."... We will see (still hoping for at least to diffrerent cities hehe)
  2. aha ok chill out dude... there s nothin to get excited here... just talking... anyway, nobody knows exactly how everything s going to be in the game... it s all blabla talking to spend the time that seperates us from getting the game! We all got that san andreas and fierro and other stuff from the former game won't be the same in the 5.. but similar in a way as said before ... southern california...
  3. Yeah it won t be a San Andreas number 2 for sure but talking about LA means it will be the same kind of stuff that we had in SA... even if now called Los Santos... San Andreas was indeed maybe more an idea of recreating the area of the san andreas fault... with all the cities SF LA... eventhough LV ain t situated on this particular fault... Now by calling in Los Santos it appears like it will be one city and only one BUT in the trailer you can see a license plate with SAN ANDREAS written on it. at 0:47 seconds... I just hope it s not going to be as disappointing as it was with GTA IV... the map was to repetitive... a serious lack of countryside and a little map to me compared to what the xbox can offer and compared to games like rdr or even bigger just cause 2... but i d say GTA will always have the edge...idk... Plus: we can see in the trailer that there is a highway called Las Puerta... is that the name of the highway... or another city? dk... Maybe San Diego!! it would be cool!!
  4. I was thinking of the game limitations... we all remember that after completing several missions in the former GTA, new cities were unlocked so we could play forward in a new one or a new part of the city we were playing in like in GTA 4. Imagine if in GTA 5 only one city is available? how would they seperate it so there can be a progression? will there be areas of the city locked? but seperated with what? bridges? walls? All i am trying to say is that i am pretty sure there will be more than one city... or the city will be seperated with rivers and bridges like in GTA IV. But i am pretty sure los angeles isn t the best place to find rivers and bridges haha. So what do you think? as we know all the former GTAs had a progression and limitations seperating more than one city or part of a city in 3 islands why would that be different now? they wouldn't make Los Santos seperated in 3 islands would they? What do you think?