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  1. Wow, the nostalgia of coming back here again... crazee that it's still here. The San Andreas days were the best. 🤩😍

    1. DuPz0r


      Yes they were brother!

  2. You guys moved to a new forum????

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    2. Jizzy


      Mr... Mr worldwide...

    3. Pitbull


      @gtagrlGTA5 pissed me off within the first week of Online and lost interest, haven't played since lol!! Once the hype comes for 6 I'll be back!

    4. gtagrl


      Don't forget RDR2...

  3. Weird. Literally just borrow the first book off someone tonight cos it reminded me of skyrim, and theres a topic on here the same night. Never seen any of the tv series, been told its good though. But as theres 6 books and i believe a 7th on the way, imma wait till they all come out even if it takes years. Only just started reading the first but it already makes skyrim seem really small. Love it!
  4. So, so so wrong. What would make your average CoD fan switch? With CoD they know what they're getting, and most FPS games can't even compete with CoD or Battlefield atm; they currently own the FPS gaming market. True, but the way i see it is that a new game every year. Eventually someones going to come along, spend years on producing a brilliant game and itll blow cod out of the water. Maybe not. I just dont want to see the same sh*t every year, so maybe i'm hoping more than anything.
  5. All these stores will close at some point. Eventually all games, films, & music will be download only and stores like game, blockbusters, and hmv will only excist online, if at all.
  6. Cod will die off at some point as another fps franchise will come along at some point. And everyone will jump ship as itll be fresh compared to the stagnant shit cod comes up with every f*cking year. Atleast gta recreates its self every game. Will gta5 beat cod sales? Id f*cking hope so!
  7. That's where you're wrong the final say comes to Psy. Also this now youre just arguing for the fun of it. Lame dude. Still not official vote which is what i keep saying. Fuck!
  8. Not official? Does this look as though it's in The Asylum. This isn't for fun. Didnt realize gold members ran this forum. Sorry. They don't but everybody has an opinion on the forums, except the staff opinions are the biggest ones. If we speak up and tell them that the staff isn't doing there job then we put the ball in their court and it's up to them. yeah and? It still aint an official vote. Thats all i said. Psy and duff have the final say.
  9. Not official? Does this look as though it's in The Asylum. This isn't for fun. Didnt realize gold members ran this forum. Sorry.
  10. Keep Bones in the vote. Hes more active than the most mods. Plus this aint official. This is just a fml vote like the old days.
  11. Lucky f*cker. But seriously you dont know what Harry Potter is?? o_O edit: made millions at the box office worldwide. Re-edit: ive just read youre post properly. Youre lucky not to know anything about those films. Dont know if theres a dark elf in it. Doubt it. Just any wizard of any kind would remind me of those films. >_<
  12. Snap. Had to make it a female dark elf though. Otherwise itd remind me of harry potter and i f*cking hate harry potter.
  13. but they damned as sure aint stupid enough to release a gta style game anywhere close to a gta release. Unless their storyline is like cod and only takes 4 hours to complete. I like those games. I can return them and get my money back. No wonder GAME is closing down lol.
  14. And plus i don`t think you ever leave this place. Youll probz end up admin when gta6 is annouce like fitty at gta-sanandreas. Edit: not gta-sa. I mean the other one. Igtasumthingsumthing.sumthing the one that gta-sa got eaten up by.
  15. In my first game i tried to do everything and ended up completing fuk all. Im now only focusing on certain parts. Plus my first game never used magic. I just hackd everything to death or snipered them from far. Now its firebolts and conjuring flame arctoch or whatever theyre called. Nothing seems to get near me now apart from suprise attack. Got mauled by a sabre in two hits earlier. Wasnt happy. Water really helps though if u need to ever run away. Idiots can`t swim.
  16. Fitty and opx to stay and all but ex fan boy(??) to become mods. They all seem sensible apart from mass but alot of people with power are crazy. Naming no one. >_>
  17. not online with my ps3. Never have been. @viceman: thanks, ill see if turning the autosave off works. Would make sense if it did but never thought bout trying that. Started a new game now. It had been a few weeks since id played and it called back to me. Im now a full blown fire mage/Assassin/Thief/Stromcloak on level 10. And still im finding new stuff, i stumble on the weird wizard guy north of the college of winterhold in his cave. How did i miss it the first time. That is why i love this game, theres just so much of it youre aways gunna miss sumthing.
  18. been on the piss all day celebrating st paddys day (half irish). And just found out bout fabrice muamba. Sad to see shit like that. hope he pulls through.

    1. Pitbull


      Paddys day was saturday. Not pissed in the slightest at moment. Was just making one point about the topic which i dont think conq got. Who cares.

  19. I've given up on this game. Loved playing it hours on end and quite possibly the best game on this generation of consoles but when i get to the stage where the graphic glitches slow down the game so much and where the whole game starts to crash for no reason over and over again (i even started a new game and it still does it.) I get tired of the crap. Don't know whether it's the game or my old ass PS3 or both but it's pissed me off so much it's been over a week now since i've played it. Probably the longest spell of not playing since i got it in November. Sucks. I really wanted to finish it aswell.
  20. Not for a gta. But maybe for a completly new game. GTA's all about the fast paced action. Games like fallout and scrolls are more about the adventuring and exploring than the action. I couldn't ever see the two combined personally. Maybe they could do it for a modern day rpg where you're not in post apocalipic times nor fantasy land with dragons. Sort of like an L.A. Noire/Heavy Rain combo with some skill upgrades chucked in.
  21. I'll probably go looking around as soon as i can. Hopefully steal a bike like the old days in SA and just cycle around the hood for abit exploring and getting use to the map. Then go back and start the missions.
  22. I've had a couple of bugs on the ps3 but nothing i care about. Funniest one is just outside whiterun where some guy got stuck in the ground and has now duplicated himself but still doesn't move. He will do though when i go through there with me stormcloaks later on. My character has just evolved while i play through everything abit of the game at a time so he's abit of everything. Only just started using my magic skills after 90hours and on level 39 but as my Magicka is only at 120 it kinda sucks ass. Depending on the situation i either use my Elven Dagger, Daedric Bow or my Ebony Axe & Shield. I'm pretty much an assassin who can kill at any range but with badass Ebony heavy armour.
  23. Yeah i get that but overall from what i get from alot of his posts is that he wants the site to be as good as possible and to be successful which isn't surprising as he's been here forever, but he can't be bothered with the work of an admin or mod, so instead he'll start topics when he doesn't like something, plus he usually starts a good discussion out of it. He's like the non-admin admin of the forum. The voice of the people. If you've gotta a problem and the mods, psy, and duff aren't listening who do you call. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . QD. lol. He'll bitch and moan (in the nicest possible way) until something either changes or the point gets heard. Maybe i'm wrong but thats the feelin i get.
  24. I just love being a werewolf because you don't get any diseases anymore, Especially the Vampirism disease. Finally got a skill to 100. Haven't been trying to level up with training or doing the same thing over and over again. I pretty much use everything apart from pickpocketing. But my sneak skill has finally got to 100.