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Found 1 result

  1. I'm interested to know what games people here consider the best of 2011. I made a poll of some of the big names, but if you thought something else was the ants pants, then you are WRONG, and should seek help immediately. Also, I'm listing my favourites of the genres I played. I don't play RTS games, so if you thought "Starcraft II: 2011 moar Korean people edition" was great, then by all means, add a catergory for that. My GOTY list (keeping in mind I haven't played all these games, but I have seen them all in action) Best Action/Adventure Winner: L.A Noire 2nd: Uncharted 3 3rd: Infamous 2 L.A Noire just beat out Uncharted 3 for me. Probably because it something different. Also, you could feel up corpses. I really enjoyed Infamous 2 as well. Best RPG Winner: Skyrim 2nd: Dark Souls 3rd: The Witcher 2 Derp. Best Survival Horror Winner: Shadows Of The Damned 2nd: Dead Island 3rd: Dead Space 2 I know it wasn't anyone's cup of tea going on sales, but I really enjoyed Shadows Of The Damned. The world needs more talking phallic shotguns. Best FPS Winner: Crysis 2 2nd: Bulletstorm 3rd: Resistance 3 Crysis 2 had some really awesome moments. Even Skyrim couldn't match it for "giant dude sneaking around in a kickass suit" thrills. Well, not unless you have a kickass assassin with enchanted Daedric daggers or whatever. Best Racing Sim/Sport Winner: Forza 4 2nd: FIFA 12 3rd: NHL 12 In almost every respect, Forza 4 blew GT5 out of the water. Still, it was missing a certain charm that GT5 has. FIFA 12 was solid as usual, but not a big enough improvment on 11 to win. Best Fighter Winner: Mortaaaaaaaaaaal Kommmmmmbat 2nd: Marvel vs Capcom 3 3rd: I don't play enough fighting games to warrant a third, I'm afraid. Despite being banned in Australia, I managed to put many hours into MK at a friend's place earlier this year. Much fun was had by all. Worst Game Of 2011 Duke Nukem Forever Was piss. Overall GOTY 5th Mortal Kombat 4th Crysis 2 3rd Uncharted 3 2nd L.A Noire WINNER Call Of Du... I mean, SKYRIM!!!