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Found 2 results

  1. I was thinking of the game limitations... we all remember that after completing several missions in the former GTA, new cities were unlocked so we could play forward in a new one or a new part of the city we were playing in like in GTA 4. Imagine if in GTA 5 only one city is available? how would they seperate it so there can be a progression? will there be areas of the city locked? but seperated with what? bridges? walls? All i am trying to say is that i am pretty sure there will be more than one city... or the city will be seperated with rivers and bridges like in GTA IV. But i am pretty sure los angeles isn t the best place to find rivers and bridges haha. So what do you think? as we know all the former GTAs had a progression and limitations seperating more than one city or part of a city in 3 islands why would that be different now? they wouldn't make Los Santos seperated in 3 islands would they? What do you think?
  2. In GTA V, what do you think will be more interesting in terms of things to do? -Country side, mountains etc. -Downtown, City etc. Just trying to get some opinions Thanks.