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  1. I'm cheap, never used anything other than a bic. Not to mention the cunts in Ohio actually can deny the sale of a lighter to a minor, so Bics are about the most common lighter to find.
  2. This. I really hate the Bears and the Cheeseheads, but the Seahawks are a bunch of drug using cheaters and Pete Carroll is a pussy that bolted for the NFL before the violations hit at USC.
  3. I heard that the guy got kicked out for the Fraud shirt. Bullshit imo, he deserves to voice is opinion on that cheating cunt.
  4. I do like the Bengals chances at at least a divisional round appearance this year. They will easily win the North, and a matchup like the Colts in the wild card seems to me like an easy W. After that, I can't see them going any further this year.
  5. And besides you, I don't see anyone that gives a shit about the Angels. If I feel like posting about the Tigers then I will. There is a reason that we don't have a topic for every team for every sport.
  6. Oh gosh, I'm a Tigers fan and talk about the Tigers? That is a disgrace. If there is a legitimate discussion about other teams that I can contribute to, I will. I'm not gonna start a conversation about the Brewers because I'm not a fan.
  7. Does anyone else think Verlander may need a trip to the DL? There is no way that you can get rocked in consecutive starts against the Royals and White Sox and say that the tight quad isn't a concern.
  8. The Bears are a good team, but in the toughest division in the NFL, I think 7-9 sounds about right. The O Line is still pretty weak in a division filled with pass rushers, and the defense can be easily exposed if the opponent takes care of the ball well . As for the Chargers, their schedule is fucking pathetic. They play all the NFC East and AFC South teams. There has to be 4 wins in there, along with two Ws over the Raiders.
  9. Fuck it, I'm tired of waiting for football season. Here are my NFL season predictions: AFC East 1 Patriots 10-6 Brady with down season (by his standards) with no weapons. The D will be top 15, maybe top 10. 2 Dolphins 8-8 Ireland fails in desperate attempt to bring in big name talent. Tannehill will make serious progress and Lamar Miller will establish himself in the backfield. 3 Bills 8-8 On the upswing, Spiller, Manuel backfield is intriguing. Still too many holes everywhere to contend 4 Jets 5-11 QB is a mess, defense suffers again without Revis. No running game, etc. etc. North 1 Bengals 11-5 Green is a star at WR. Overall young team w/ a bright future. 2 Steelers 9-7 Zone running scheme will benefit offense, D is still aging though. 3 Browns 8-8 A solid offseason to heavily improve them, but not sold on Weeden at QB. 4 Ravens 7-9 Flacco will collapse of pressure of contract, expectations. Run game will have to carry offense, defense is average. The great draft will need a couple years to make a serious effect. South 1 Texans 12-4 Solid overall team, benefits from weak bottom half of division. Schaub still is a weakness at QB and the D looked shaky often last year against good teams. 2 Colts 10-6 Luck is the future of the NFL, some very good offseason moves to make this team at least look better on paper. The new OC from Stanford will help Luck. 3 Titans 6-10 Locker is not the answer at QB, overall team is just not good. CJ is washed up. 4 Jags 3-13 A few offensive playmakers does not make up for QB mess, bad D. West 1 Broncos 14-2 Peyton will be Peyton, offense is among the best. Even without Miller for the first few games, the D is solid. 2 Chiefs 10-6 Reid will bring out the true talent that is evident all over the field. 3 Chargers 6-10 Turner and the front office fucked the team. Time for a full (successful) rebuild. 4 Raiders 0-16 or 1-15, depends on wk. 2 vs. Jags. The team is a mess, in the worst part of a serious rebuild mode. NFC East 1 Redskins 9-7 RG3's health will be the key, especially in running. I don't see Morris with another huge year. 2 Giants 7-9 This team is hard to figure out. All I know is, if they slip into a division title, watch out. The trick is getting there. 3 Cowboys 6-10 Jerry Jones teams always look better on paper than on the field. Here is the problem: They don't even look good on paper this year. 4 Eagles 6-10 Vick will not be the (good) answer at QB. And an offensive coach taking over a wrecked defense? I don't like the sound of that North 1 Packers 11-5 The lack of offensive weapons helped by an actual running game. D still doesn't look great. 2 Lions 10-6 See the 2011 Lions when Best was healthy (5-0) with a descent secondary now, but a slightly worse o line. 3 Vikings 10-6 Love the young pieces brought in thru the draft, Ponder will progress, AP will be AP. 4 Bears 7-9 The o line won't keep Cutler healthy (again) and the defense won't be any better than solid. South 1 Falcons 12-4 The offense will have great passing game, no running game. D is passable. 2 Bucs 9-7 Doug Martin has a bright future as a back, Freeman will continue to be inconsistent as fuck, secondary will be much improved. 3 Panthers 8-8 Short term moderate success with good talent, but the terrible contracts will catch up with them. 4 Saints 6-10 ''Defense wins championships'' Take a gander at what the Saints lack. West 1 49ers 13-3 Where are the weaknesses? This team could be holding up The Lombardi in February 2 Seahawks 12-4 Very good team on paper, but god dammit I hope karma catches up with these fucks. 3 Rams 8-8 Won't benefit from a quarter of the schedule against the two teams listed above. Bradford will make strides with some playmakers and an OK o line finally. 4 Cardinals 5-11. Talent level says more, but tough div. Palmer will revive his career somewhat in Arian's system. Season Awards: MVP- Matt Ryan. Peyton Manning would be much too predictable. Offensive POY- Matt Stafford. This is a statistical award, and Stafford will have huge numbers. And why be predictable? Defensive POY- JJ Watt, cause Von Miller is suspended. Comeback POY- Danny Amendola, Brady has no other ppl to throw to. Rookie of the Year- Tavon Austin, He will have a huge year in many statistical categories I would also like to take this time to announce that Matt Stafford will break the following records: Passing TDs, Passing Yards, Pass Attempts And Megatron will break 2K yards and hit 20 TDs. Prepare for a Brady-Moss circa 2007 kinda year. Why you ask, because I am a Lions fan. By the way, the Super Bowl will be: Denver 27 San Fransisco 21 Manning gets the MVP. And my Lions lose in the divisional round to the Niners.
  10. Just watched the movie Chinatown with Jack Nicholson on Netflix. I heard that it's a classic and an amazing movie so I decided to check it out. Long story short, I was quite disappointed. Pros -Very well acted, especially by Jack Nicholson and Faye Dunaway -The well thought out plot twists near the end kept me on the edge of my seat. Cons -Much too long, dragged for stretches near the middle -The ending was pure fuck and left much to be desired. It seemed like a cliffhanger at the end of a TV show's season. Score with a descent ending- 8/10 Score with the current ending- 5.5/10 This film would have been an OK way to spend an evening with nothing to do if the expectations weren't so damn high and it wasn't so time consuming.
  11. I like the idea of that, but the early 1930s would make more sense imo.
  12. I agree. It's sickening to see us get handled by the fucking royals of all teams. and verlander's inconsistency this year is pissing me off. do you think the performance today was due to the tight quad?
  13. I would like to see a GTA set in Chicago and based purely around gang life and culture, much like san andreas.
  14. The movie looked pretty interesting and it got good reviews. I think I'm gonna have to check it out.
  15. http://www.ohio.com/blogs/buckeye-blogging/buckeye-blogging-1.301317/happy-archie-griffin-day-1.413864 45 days from kickoff for the Buckeyes is now Archie Griffin day.
  16. http://bleacherreport.com/articles/1706520-fan-runs-on-field-at-2013-mlb-all-star-game-plans-everything-on-twitter LOL My new favorite highlight of the game. Not to mention the Cliff Lee death stare in the pregame... I forgot a lot of great highlights from the game...
  17. AL wins! Highlights of the night: -Mariano in his last all star game, coming into the tune of Enter Sandman. Gotta love the most respected player in baseball for the last couple decades or so. -The Fielder triple. I was laughing as his huge ass rounded second, slided, and got up smiling. Hopefully this'll benefit the Tigers in another World Series run (crosses fingers).
  18. I completely agree. Cruz is just a system player that benefits from being a slot receiver. You can't pay a slot receiver big money just because of numbers. If that was the case, Welker would be right behind Megatron as the NFL's highest paid receiver.
  19. http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2013/07/16/victor-cruz-thinks-he-took-less-than-he-deserves/ This fuck is a little prima donna spoiled brat. Cruz makes more than 99.5% of the common public, and wants to bitch that he doesn't get more money? He is a worthless slot receiver that can be easily replaced. I mean, put him on any team as a #1 and his numbers drop off significantly. Cruz is quickly becoming one of my least favorite players in the NFL.
  20. If anything, he will regress, like everyone who wins or even competes in the HR derby.
  21. Most multi platform console games not on PC use a PS3 for demos, not really a cause for concern. But if I was gonna buy GTA and had 2 consoles, it would be on the PS3. No extra disc for download FTW. And R* seems to me like a Sony company, and GTA still seems like a PlayStation franchise to me. It just feels right to play GTA on a PlayStation, considering it got it's start there.
  22. Harper starting the All Star game? My God, he is hitting .264 and hasn't displayed any serious power to make up for the average. He shouldn't be an all star at all, let alone a starter. Making him a starter snubs more deserving outfielders like Dom Brown who has had twice the season. The fans should play a part in who makes it to the game, but no way they should choose the starters. I should actually be happy though, as whatever makes the NL team weaker is good. The AL (And hopefully Detroit) needs home field this year in the WS.
  23. Seems like a good thing to look forward to, the jerseys are pretty cool. And they have a few playmakers and a potential 2014 #1 pick to look forward to. Probably not though. They have to play the Cards, Raiders, and Titans twice just to name a few. They will at least win 2, and I don't see the Raiders even winning that many.