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  1. Takes away from a dominating assumed win this week when two of the opposing team's players are injured or on a bye.
  2. Ahh, the beauty of the waivers. Denarius Moore and Le'veon Bell are now mine (at the expense of Chris Ivory and Donnie Avery). Almost started both immediately but Bernard Pierce seems like the better option this week. Although Bowe is taking a spot on the bench in favor of Moore.
  3. Favorite protag- Trevor. Surprisingly the only character I had sympathy for at any point, plus he's so fucking funny. Favorite overall- Lamar.
  4. Warning: If you have not completed the game yet, do not enter. The general topic for story mode. Feel free to discuss any part of the single player without spoiler tags or any of that bullshit.
  5. Soo entertaining. I usually end up watching Browns every Sunday and laugh at their epic failure.
  6. OK, so I bought a couple nice sports cars for Franklin after one of the earlier heists, customized them, and stored them in the safehouse garage in Vinewood. Later, I went to get one from the garage and they were both missing. They also weren't in the impound or the main garage where new vehicles are sent. This really pisses me off, considering I spent over 200K on them. Has this happened to anyone else?
  7. ^ That's most likely why they delayed it's release, to prevent something like this happening to GTAO
  8. Well... LOL, god I would hate being a Browns fan. Their front office is goddamn stupid. ''Oh hey, I know we went out and put together a team with 8 win talent and a dominant defense in the offseason, but hell, we lost in two close(ish) games, so let's trade our franchise back for the 20th pick in next year's draft. Our (maybe overly) loyal fans who finally went out and bought season tickets for once to watch our should-of-been descent team will understand as we get shutout on a weekly basis.
  9. 2 missed FGs in a 4 point loss. Who else but Detroit?
  10. Lions raped on Sunday. but still too many dumbass mistakes that will cost us against good teams :/
  11. Probably shouldn't be helping a future opponent, but I would pick up Moreno if I were you.
  12. julius thomas would be a great pickup. would go after him if the position wasn't already stacked for me.
  13. Nahh, he's essentially buried on the depth chart. Never worth a start barring an injury to Hillman or Mereno. And shit bones, Demaryius kinda offset welker's day. I guess Megatron's gotta make up for it on sunday.
  14. Kickoff is near my children. Broncos 35, Ravens 17
  15. Typical hype article by IGN with just recycled info we know and a few quotes... i'm not upset, and i wasn't even looking forward to the article... i just thought it was misleading... i swear they did a similar article a few months ago, i just thought it was crappy journalism to re-hash something just because you can now relate it to the gameplay you saw the other day... Every 'GTA V week' at IGN has at least one article of this type.
  16. Yeah, the thursday games should be thanksgiving and after. This weekly TNF is bullshit. It gives me like 2 days to set my lineup when I've got players in the game.
  17. Week 1 lineups= set. Got Ivory in place of Welker at flex and Vick in place of Romo.
  18. how come you didn't want to join this year?? quote has nothing to do with the previous comments, only to get a response. Anyways, can we change players in our lineups clear up to when they play their game or is the lineup locked at the start of the first game?
  19. Disregard all of that. I was high as shit and it sounds fucking stupid now. That whole "ideas are better when stoned and you're more creative" thing doesn't apply to me.
  20. The game starts out with a few paragraphs of backstory, shown in the style mocking Star Wars. Ya know, the credits that roll with the Star Wars theme and a picture of space in the background. It also has some guy sounding similar to Morgan Freeman narrating it. It tells us of a time 20 some years ago when Michael and Trevor, best of friends, had been working for a powerful crime boss in Las Venturas. At some point there was a serious disagreement between the two friends and the boss, and they had heard that he wants them dead. In a time of desperation, Micheal and Trevor knew that it was either them or the crime boss. Michael, the level-headed of the group, wanted to make a nice deal with the FIB and get rich, while Trevor, being very hot-tempered and stubborn, wanted to 'take care' of the boss. Michael ended up making his deal for himself before Trevor could attempt pulling of the impossible task of killing the man, separating the two friends and sending them down completely different paths. The backstory ends with something like "And that's when Michael met the love of his life and had two beautiful children with her." That when the screen fades out, and fading in is a scene of Micheal with his family present day staying in the Hotel Von Crastenburg, as the FIB put them there due to the former crime boss being released from prison and hearing that Michael currently resides in Los Santos. His wife starts talking at the beginning, bitching at him. "Good job Michael. Way to get us into another shitty situation. Look kids, look at your deadbeat father that always does this to us. One day I'll divorce your ass and leave you nothing." Michael says nothing and just sighs as he looks away, trying to ignore her bitching. His daughter, who has spent the entire time on her smartphone while chewing gum loud and obnoxiously, decides to input on the conversation: "God, this is so boring." Then his son makes some asshole-ish comment towards her and they start bickering back and forth, when Michael steps in and tells them both to shut up. Anyways, that is my detailed backstory and opening scene description prediction. Also, that former crime boss ends up becoming the main antagonist to both Trevor and Michael throughout the story.
  21. stoopid atodraftr Aiiight, but only cause you said please. QB- Doing fine there. Brees is a top fantasy QB and Palmer is a solid backup. RB- Lamar Miller is a descent flex option, but the auto draft fucked you at that position. I suggest you keep up on the Cincinnati running back situation, as both Green-Ellis and Bernard are on that team. Currently Ellis has the job, but Bernard is right behind him and a few bad games by Ellis could put Bernard in the real life starting role. If that happens, switch Ellis out and put Bernard in. WR- You have two top tier fantasy receivers, but after that is shit. I would say put Wallace in the third receiver spot and put Williams in the second flex spot. TE- You are in good condition there, but perhaps too good of condition. Davis will put up big numbers, Gonzalez should have a good year, and same for Owen Daniels. K/ Def- You have probably the best kicker in the league, but your defense is average at best. Thankfully for you, that defense benefits from a fairly weak schedule. Possible transactions- -Dump your second defense and go after a running back. I highly recommend getting Knowshon Moreno, but Joique Bell would also be a descent pick. -Find a possible trade for Tony Gonzalez. Pick up a solid running back, maybe MJD from Gunny's team? There you go. With that, you will now be raped..... but with lube. One more note... After a trade to get Gonzalez, put whatever running back you get in the trade in the #1 spot, move Miller down to the second spot, and put Green-Ellis in the first flex spot where Gonzalez was.
  22. Love Givens as a sleeper. He is a great big play guy that has been too overshadowed by Tavon Austin. I would definitely think about starting him if he gets going like I think he will. What's going on: You're going to get absolutely raped by just about everyone. And no, I love nothing more than the game itself, but in fantasy football stats are everything. As for how I keep up on it, well honestly if you really like a sport it's not hard to.