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  1. if the game doesn't have customization like in SA that was a big letdown for me in IV
  2. ok i guess i will have to go to gamestop and pick that up for my old ps2 sometime
  3. I love them all, but a couple reasons why vice city is 4th 1- i mentioned that i am 15, i really haven't played alot of vice city 2- the only reason i put GTA 3 ahead of vice city is because 3 wasa revolution in open world games, at the time no one had ever seen a game like it
  4. I'm Richard and I'm 15. im from Ohio. My username is the same as my psn id if you want to find me there. My favorite GTA games are: 1 San Andreas 2 GTA IV 3 GTA III 4 Vice City Favorite GTA protagonists: 1 Niko Bellic 2 Carl (CJ) Johnson 3 Tommy Vercetti 4 Claude
  5. hopefully not. really dont want to wait so long for the trailers and i really dont want there to be another delay on the release date