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  1. Nope, I checked it ends at season 4 because I just finished season 4 not to long ago. It should be on there now. I just watched it, as it appeared on Netflix on I think Monday. And a marathon is about to start on AMC of all the first half of season 5 episodes.
  2. That kinda makes sense.. but why would they display that over our multiplayer avatar? Information like that would be stored on the characters phone right? Since it was confirmed that there's a calendar type app.. That was just a theory, so it could be wrong. And was that spot ever confirmed to be multiplayer related?
  3. it is still funny, but that popped into my head so I had to post it.
  4. I think if the heists are not a part of the story, than that explains the 83 days thing in the gameplay trailer. I believe that that means you set a date for the heist and it's a countdown to it, so you know how long you have to set up the heist. Then, you progress the story along side preparing and completing heists.
  5. Don't you have to own something of value to not be bankrupt?
  6. Yeah, I get that it doesn't matter, but when the talent on the roster is top half in the NFL and they were some injuries and bad ST plays from competing for a playoff spot last year and improved almost everywhere for this year, it's just irritating to see 'experts' call the fucking Jets and Cardinals a better team.
  7. Really getting tired of the so called 'experts' bullshit. I know that I may have bias towards the Lions, but for these 'experts' to call the Lions the 26th or 27th best team in the NFL is stupid. The Lions are a better team now than they were one year ago today, when the 'experts' called us a top 10 team on the rise. The fucking idiots always make their predictions based on the previous year's record. They hear about the bad o line, assume automatically the defense sucks, and look at the 4-12 misleading record, then automatically write us off as a 5 win team.
  8. I wonder if you could possibly buy music over your phone, like iTunes and listen to it instead of the radio in your car or even while you are walking. What if you steal a car, spend $100,000 on it, then it gets impounded and you cant get it back because it's not yours? I assume that if you spend money on a car you steal, then the car is saved, and if it's impounded, you could probably get it out. Crazy idea. What if Michael every once in a while loses a portion of his money cause his bitch wife blew it on plastic surgery or expensive clothes/ jewelry? And then the next time he saw her she rubbed it in his face to piss him off.
  9. And I thought the US was the home of personal responsibility... How the fuck could a person sue an organisation for a personal choice that they made? Gunny has a valid point, I reckon - if that person wants to take the risk, then why not? If the MLB really took the PED issue seriously, they would life ban anyone who is caught... US is the home of 'Hey, I made a mistake due to my own personal choice. I'm gonna sue someone to make up for it.' And that does sound great in theory, but there is not enough time in the day to explain all the holes in it. Lastly, I don't think one time users should get a lifetime ban, but players like Ryan Braun and other second time users should. I don't understand why the MLB doesn't do that. Maybe it's because the MLBPA wouldn't allow it .
  10. Do you know what steroids and other performance enhancing drugs do to your body in the long term? Long story short, it deteriorates and just destroys your insides slowly. Pro athletes aren't just animals that we throw in a stadium to compete for our entertainment, they are people too. The MLB has to look out for the well being of it's players. And think of the number of lawsuits 20 years down the road for MLB due to the effects. Not to mention the fact that just cause it's legal, not everyone will use it. So that leaves some players out of a job just because they don't want to use. Anyways, I think that's a terrible idea that won't ever recieve any real consideration.
  11. Reyes- Has a perrenial all star ceiling when he isn't injured. I could talk about what potential Greg Oden has, but when he isn't playing it doesn't fucking matter. Bautista- A good power hitter that can't play defense or hit for average Dickey- ERA in the high fours, a one year wonder Encarnacion- The only legitimate star on the team Johnson- Really?? ERA over 6.50, he fucking sucks plain and simple Cabrera- Can't do shit without cheating. Check the statistical dropoff. So you were saying about the star studded team the Blue Jays are.....?
  12. No one asked you, Bruce Jenner. By the way, tell all of your step-daughters that they are the problem with America today, not to mention spoiled whores.
  13. I wouldn't say the Blue Jays are 'loaded with talent'. I can't believe that ESPN really aired all of arod's at bats. It's sickening, I mean I don't see why they are publicizing this bullshit so much. Much better players have appealed a suspension and they didn't get even half the attention.
  14. I believe they still have Hinrich, so would it really make sense to pay another point guard when you have an all star and a reliable backup at the position already? The playing time he would get wouldn't be worth the money.
  15. Aaaand the suspensions have hit. Nothing too surprising, except for arod not being banned for life. That asshole should never play baseball again.
  16. Why don't we ask Brooklyn? They seem to make a joke of the salary cap more than anybody.
  17. Fucking Oden is going to Miami. I wanted to root for him, but I hate the Heat too much. I guess I have to hope that he gets injured again, released, and signed by a diffferent team where he stays healthy and fulfills his original potential.
  18. I was ranking my draft board, and noticed that Steven Jackson was like top 15. What a fucking joke. I bet he doesn't even have 700 yards this year or more than 5 TDs.
  19. Would you call the Milwaukee Bucks in the past 3-4 years relevant? Because Detroit is basically setting themselves up for that.
  20. I don't expect that, and never said I did, but the entire offseason seems like a poor attempt by the Pistons to do just that.
  21. The fact that this is not a long term solution is the problem. The Pistons front office is bringing in a number of players thst make them OK in the short term, but are not long term franchise pieces that you can build a team around. It's not like this team was a couple offseason acquisitions away from legitimate contention. They are setting themselves up for years of 1st round exits to Miami, Indiana or Chicago. The addition of Jennings would really only make sense if they were a team like Indiana that is already a contender, but needs a scoring boost and a solid starting PG to potentially become a favorite pick to win it all.
  22. People have said Jennings is an inconsistent ballhog for years and he still takes more shots than anyone and shoots 35%. It's not like coming to Detroit will suddenly put a chip on his shoulder and make him want to be a team player. And no, I don't watch Detroit often and I'm not a hardcore follower but I can read a stat sheet and see that Knight improved in every statistical category in 2012-13 from his rookie year. Do I think that Knight is the star future point guard of this team? No, but Jennings is in no way an improvment and more of a downgrade from what we had.
  23. Knight > Jennings Jennings is an inconsistent ball hog. That is a terrible trade on Detroit's part. I'm not even much of a Pistons follower, but even as a casual fan of them this pisses me off.