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  1. Hey guys,On tuesday I preordered my collectors edition from mighty ape as im in NZ and they told me i had pretty much got the last collectors edition available to NZDERS.And that rockstar told them that australasia had sold all its available preorders. So good luck to the guys from australasia
  2. Hey guys im new but im keen to know any info on whether theres any ghettos(maybe not going as far as some of the ideas above) and gangs as i like it when they are in the game because they are always keen for a gunfight or scrap whenever i went to holland on gtaiv and baller turf on san andreas, its far better than just fighting with the cops or civilians who run away, what do you guys think?
  3. Hey, just want to know everyones thoughts on how the gangs and ghettos will be in V as i was a fan of that style like san andreas, just want to know if anyone has picked out any info on this?