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  1. I don't expect SE or stand to have half as many features that CE has well because of the price difference, I just want to be able to customize my character in online I'm ok with not having the special skins. But thank you all for answering the question it's much appreciated.
  2. It'll be the full minute. At least the first time they play it. After the debut the trailer on tv the will shorten it just like every other commercial in the world. It's long at first then they start shortening it.
  3. I think that's just what they have let out at this point. Because R* try to hide as much as possible to give the gamer the best surprises throughout. But I really hope the customization isn't only for CE because that would take a lot away from online for someone who only bought the SE or a standard copy.
  4. I was just looking at the new detailed list for the collectors edition and it says that the character customization is for CE only. I can't tell if they mean just the special characters or the whole customization option. Anyone know?
  5. The twitter page that posted it isn't verified so I doubt it's real.
  6. I thought that I just had, what happens if you don't buy a garage in online but buy a car? I hope they have the same thing as in gta iv where it's parked out front but if they don't that will be pretty disappointing because I plan on buying and moding cars as soon as possible.
  7. Thanks a lot asshole I didn't read that because I didn't want to know. And then you post in a topic without a spoiler alert? Fuck you.
  8. It's a modified Contender. The only reason I say raptor is because it has ford written on the front of it. Which made me think it was a raptor. But it could be both combined or just the contender I'm not sure. But I believe your opinion a lot more than my own with his much you've been right.
  9. So I'm thinking that the truck that says vapid on the front in the new screen shots is the ford raptor. And if it is I can't wait to drive it because I love that truck.
  10. They weren't just numbers though.... They weren't just numbers but they were 1,2,3,4 and so on and there could be 100 players online in one session or just playing online and the one who made the gameplay trailer may have been 83. But like I said I have no clue I'm just guessing.
  11. I think the 83 is just the gamer tag if you remember in the gameplay trailer they all had different numbers above the players. Each player had a different number as the gamer tag. But who knows.
  12. Why does the HUD matter honestly? As long as I can see how much health and armor and special ability I have It doesn't matter what the layout. It shows what it needs to.
  13. I believe the Uranus is a vapid which is the gta version of ford. So it would more than likely be a ford not a dodge.
  14. Only in looks.. Definitely only in looks if I remember correctly the Uranus was front wheel drive car with a slow engine.
  15. Yeah it does have more in common with the Toyota I looked into it all and the Uranus is definitely more in common with the foxbody and that Toyota is defiantly the template for the futo.
  16. I was looking through the vehicles section on the website the futo isn't a Toyota. It's a ford foxbody mustang. I can tell because I own three foxbodys and its almost identical to the hatchback but with put a spoiler. But I may be wrong the rear end makes me think its a foxbody because I know the Uranus also resembles the foxbody. But I'm not possitve.
  17. I'd like to take a trailer full of cars and drive it off a cliff while still in it, jump out and watch all of the cars fall to the earth.
  18. What happens to your car if it blows up or completely destroyed? I'm trying to think of if it would get put into the impound to or you just lose it for good. Either way I like the idea of having an impound lot, it's good to know that if you mod a car completely it won't be a waste of money.
  19. I pre ordered in for ps3. Got the special edition and already paid in full so I don't intend on switching to Xbox. Iv had both and I'm more if a fan of Sony. Free for online and in my opinion overall better company.
  20. Wasn't to sure if I should post my opinion on who we may start off as on this thred or start my own but if its best here then by all means.
  21. My guess is that they will have us begin as Michael. Then after a mission or so we will do the mission where they show Franklin asking Michael were he can find the car he is repoing. Then after that we switch to him and they may have us repo a car by where Trevor might live, and have us switch over to him. These are just some if my opinions on how it may start.
  22. I like this set of screenshots, because of the one with Trevor it shows how detailed the cars can be through customization. Over all I'm happy with what they have decided to show after that amazing gameplay video.
  23. This is just an idea. But what if the main character is the older man who is talking from the begining, but instead of him telling us the story that we'll be playing he's telling us the story that we made for him. Sorta like were that guy but a few years back. So we do earn the big house we do have kids but thats afterwe beat the game.