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  1. I like this. You should only be able to have weapons that can be carried realistically and hidden effectively. Fot instance wearing a Jacket so you can hide a sawn-off shotgun down the back of your pants, and multiple semi-automatic pistols and machine pistols in your pockets ( and being able to dual wield these ) and in hidden holsters. Plus knives and other hidden close quarter weapons. And if you want a bigger weapon like an SMG/ Assault Rifle/ Rocket Launcher you could customize your car to carry weapons in a hidden compartment in the trunk. And take one out when you need it. Also being able to customize your weapons. For instance having an M16 and being able to add an underslung 203 grenade launcher, a high powered scope, suppressor, laser sight attachment, and taped dual mags to make the weapon more efficient and valuble. If they re-introduce the RPG elements from San Andreas, it would be great to make the player's character really obese, go and hassle the police only to get tazed, and then laugh in their faces as the tazer has no effect. i like the idea of TRUNK POPPIN on ppl pullin heavy weapons out of te trunk, i like how i MAX PAYNE 3 u could carry sum pistols and have a heavy weapon on ur back
  2. they wouldnt put hat bs in there ts an up o date gta so there should be like sum wiz khalif or youngmoney!
  3. by car i luv gta becuz it gives u the realistic choices of transportation!!
  4. i would like to see rockstar make an ironman like suit in gta 5 that can shoot like an AK i one hnd and shootslike a roclet launcer in te other!and flies with a jet pack
  5. i had a great idea 4 gta5 and the jetpack situation, i thinkinstead of a jetpack there should be sonething like an armored suit with jetpack wit macine gun and roket launcer and its bullet proof, that would be awesomwe to tha max its realistic if u steal it from area 51 like tha jetpack n SAn andreas!!
  6. the ending should b the mainm character dieing and his twenty year old spoiled rob kardashian type son gets whatever his father left but leaves a note in a picture that his son threw becuz he was reminisin drunk and it said that he was adopted and abunch of other lies that were told by him!!But it says hes leaving him something thatcan onlybe truly his and no one has this in the game, BUT ILL LEAVR IT TO THE GREAT MINDS OF R*(BUT IF I WAS ME IT WOULD BE AN ISLAND MANSION THAT WAS KEPT A SECRET, AND ITS VERY INTERACTABLE!!
  7. i would if there was plenty to do, but no because it would be better to go to state to state, bu yes if it was realiastic ands lots of fun and new animation!!so idk
  8. i have faith in r* to make great safehouses n make plenty for every situation from being filthy rich to need a place to to lay low, i juss want the safehouses to be more iteractive, the tv was great but how about a gun locker to choose ur weapons to put into ur weapon wheel, and a fridge with food to build health, and a fat lazy dog that stays near its food n water!! u should b aBLE TO SMOKE ON UR OWN BALCONY it should mosdef be crappy i luv tha ags to riches, or it could b a lil like scarface and u lose everything!! top 10 things that should be in a safehouse to interact with 1.a better car garage(as long as the car is parked at the safhouse it should still b there)) 2.gun locker(for all the weapons that uve bought) games(i hav no prob playin sum pacman) 4.fridge(full of health,can put alcohol in there so u culd get drunk n all from tha blconyFUNNN!) 5.basement 6.a better closet(cuz scrollin thru all the clothes pisssd me off,should b a lil menu for shirts,hats,pants,etc) 7.a fat lazy good for nuthin girl that never leaves and always wants dick and money, (urs very own hooker that u never hafftuh pay) 8. if the main character is old then he should def. smoke weed n cigs at home at least!! 9.trash ur own house(knock over bookcases,ec) 10.a place t chop ppl up or hold hosage!!
  9. i would like to be able to call a hummer limo to pik me up if i hav the money!
  10. TOP 10 ThinGS I WANT IN GTA5 1. Alot more Missions 150+ (plenty of choice missions) 2. Can rob any store, small bank, n atm 3. Wider Variety of clothes 4.The main character should hav a son who takes his fortunes when the main character dies at the end!! like RDR!! 5.Tattoon ,barber shops back 6.swimming underwater back modification back 8.more interactions in ur safehouse 9.update music radio to an ipod or cds(or juss have new music of 2012-13) 10. choices of atleast 4 different weapons of each weapon type(pistol,Small machine,heavy machin,special,bombs) PRETTY MUCH MAKE IT HELLA BETTER THAN THE LAST BY A LANDSLIDE!!
  11. there should be a mission of going to a concert(preferbly a rapper that everyone knows these days LIL WAYNE, it would be cool to see tha whole YMCMB crew up there like drake n nikki minaj, but ur mission is too kidnap this rapper for ransom(and he should sound like lil wayne in distress,similar to tha kidnap mission in GTA4 with that one italiain bitch)but yeah u kidnap and get a chance to take him sumwhere n beat him up a bit n hide hime in ur basement so anytime in free roam u could go down there n fuk up lil wayne for fun!! Until u turn him over for the money, or juss shoot him dead!!OFF THA TOP OF THADOME!!
  12. Having a couple dogs n cats at ur safehouse would make it feel like home in the safehouse an officer should hav k9 units that would be a great addition wit the animals SHARKS SOUND HELLA GOOD that would make a good hunting mission, dressed upp in hunting attire to hunt various animals
  13. It would be a great additionn to the game to juss be fooling around in the desert and u find a crashed ufo or a crazy looking animal/person that escaped from area 51