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  1. Anyone had this money yet? I downloaded the third update patch since launch on Wednesday, no extra money though
  2. Gonna take a drive out and find me a Honkers, then settle down with a pissweiser
  3. Anyone else really want to take a rocket launcher to that Blimp and see it go down in flames...?
  4. Depends, does the sub have guns? Perhaps the Sharks have... Fricken' "lay-zer" beams
  5. Actually screw that.... "there's a guy dressed as Jesus – that guy is really out there in Santa Monica, posing for photos with tourists" I'm going after this guy! - You wanna be holy - I'll make you hole-y!! "cue the sound of shotgun being cocked"
  6. Am a goin' Bigfoot huntin' ! "cue the sound of shotgun being cocked"
  7. Thats what i said What does everyone else think? Would you want the ability to dive? And for what purpose Go to the beach and catch crabs? that's what happened to me last time i went to Southern CA...
  8. I'd love to sniper a mark from the top of the Ferris wheel, perhaps there could be some sort of distance/angle gimmick (sorry geek alert!) that meant you had to be in a certain postion to make the kill or wait til it goes round again. Also i want to steal a bumper car and go racing round the streets, like in the Simpsons Duff gardens episode!