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Got my Voodoo - check. For my second lowrider, I debated for hours and hours whether to get a Buccaneer or a Chino.



I ended up with a Primo. :blink: #4doorhK2Rux6fiEC8Qw_JxA3slA_0_0.jpg


Pretty happy with how it all turned out.



Now I'm completely broke, fortunately bOnEs came along to heist and I have some ammo/pocket money again. 

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This is my dude, Woody. I have to refresh my Snapmatics to get his mugshot...here's what he looks like now, still all ready for Warriors crew night. 


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so i hung out with twitter friends tonight... dio and fanboy were there at the end... kind of a slow night for iGTA considering the new DLC and all... but i'm not complaining, i had a fun night...


we were in a public for nearly an hour... and yet, no one tried to clam my bounty, lmao :lol:...


me and wendy are getting into my crew lurcher...




this is what happens when you let wendy drive  -_-  :lol:...




clearly she was drunk. so i took her back to my place...




hairyhole doing what he does best; protecting the herd in freeroam...




nah nah nah nah naaaahhh nah...






two vines from tonight... i was out and about with freddylossantos, wendy, repdek, mathweisonfire, and hairy for most of the evening... i'm starting to enjoy these guys, they seem to love my iGTA sense of humor as well lol :P...





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at least you had some peeps to play with earlier with that new shit. I was running around by myself checking out the new stuff. I was thinking when I was playing online alone.... "who am I? Massacre? "




or more accurately as of recent.... Ace. 

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this is pretty much the coolest snapmatic i ever took... ever... http://rsg.ms/fe9e491




thanks for the help, gtagrl dio R2 massacre... i couldn't of snapped it any better, but if someone would of told me i had my gun out lol  :lol:... lmao it's not that obvious, so i think it doesn't matter... but seriously, this is way too badass that i don't even know what to say about it... i couldn't of asked for a better snap anywhere else... this is the one...

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Started playing around with the editor not long ago. Haven't tried much cinematic stuff but I'm gonna try take some neat pictures. This is the only thing I've got so far. I captured it myself to avoid Snapmatic's shitty compression. unfortunately I think Photobucket is guilty of the same shit


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dude, you now on PC or PS4??? it's been awhile since we hung out with ya!!! B)...




so my rockstar support ticket went thru, and was approved... i un-cholo'd my SadClown4Fun account since i put in a support ticket last week to fix montana, so i could make him more mexican for the lowrider stuff... so i didn't feel the need to have this latin account anymore... so i introduce to you...






LI-MEI... she looks super asain, i could of probably done a better job of capturing that in a snapmatic, but hory shet, i nailed it!! the only problem is all the plaid skirts aren't unlocked yet :lol: so i can't do a good schoolgirl outfit just yet lmao...




aaaaaaand then....






ROSCOE... an old jamaican stoner bruddah, mon... he be low key, seen?? mostly chillin' talkin' bout dem old days :lol:... i really had no idea what i was gonna do with this one at first... but i think he'll be a fun one to play as, whenever i do play with this account... again, it's like a backup to a backup backup account... but i like how i now have an aresenal of 7 distinctly unique characters to choose from... but this account needs some serious grind work lol :P....

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I feel like I haven't played in a week and am all lost as to which photos I've posted or not...so here are the most recent ones in my gallery...

Moonlit Voodoo



My garage in Paleto Bay



The Ultimate bOnEsmobile



Been there, logged in, got my T-shirt



Trying out the Halloween masks (Y)



One screen grab from costume crew night...showcasing hats with masks



Putting the OO in Vinewood


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finally got to hang out with danica! :D (from twitter and IG)... she liked delilah :wub:...


(her snaps)






she umm, REALLY liked delilah :lol:...




(my pics)


we tried to get this phoenix during a mission... apparently they patched that method...




so we did what seemed best... (i have since found one by bouncing between lobbies at a spawn location)...




this guy was just asking for it...




no one uses the TV filters all that much...




i spotted her, she's over there officers!!




she's like a chameleon, no one will see her there :lol:... she also seemed to really like that outfit i had on delilah... so much so, that we looked like a cheerleading squad or something, as you can tell from the pics i first posted lol...



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Everyone (gta photographers and the Magnificent Team) posts pics of their hot bitches laying in the grass and shit so heres Maude








And Ms Thornhill







Also, neener



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so here's the new shirt i won, be jealous all you want, it's really the only raffled off shirt i liked from the bunch they were giving away a few weeks ago... i had a good time in their stream chat, and i felt like it was my night (because of my past luck on friday the 13th), and i did give them a hard time since i had to get ready for work as soon as the contest started... i almost wonder if that's the reason why my name was literally at the end of the 50 name list :lol:...




but hey, i can't complain, i have a shirt that 99.5% of the community doesn't ;)B)...

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