One man band: GTA Theme Songs

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Pretty cool, got skill, boy seems to have too much time on his hands though.

They all take me back, good times. Hope rockstar one day make another 80's GTA.

Has that guy done for this fitty? That would be awesomeness.

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Oops. Last one was supposed to be SA.


now you shall get that well deserved like... carry on...

i love the GTAIV theme i think more than the others... that should be a good one...

EDIT: this is the instrument you're thinking of fitty for san andreas...

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duh by using google.... my search was spooky sound instrument and worked my way from there... i used one in band class one time, i just couldn't for the life of me remember what it was called...

You use google to find out shit. Holy fuck dude!! When they bring out that feature. . .

Honestly, I thought you might of been properly into your instruments.

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