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  1. Surprised it hasn't been mentioned yet...
  2. Nope, Ho Chi was "killed" in Evacuator Part II, and even though it was just a movie, Jack thought it was real life and was traumatized by the experience. Obviously now he has a replacement "Ho Chi" to help him deal with the loss. That should clean up your blown mind a little. Ah, okay. Thanks for the explanation. 31 hours to go!
  3. Ho Chi was a sock puppet all this time?! My mind is officially blown!
  4. I couldn't be more excited for this. It feels like the summer of 2001 all over again. This is going to be an amazing winter!
  5. I pre-ordered through Gamestop in November. I want to go with one of the special editions, but I won't be able to. My X-Box just RROD on me for the 3rd time, so I'm going to have to get a new one. Hopefully next week. I'd really like to do a quick run through of GTA IV, TLAD and TBGT before the 16th.
  6. Well as far as the guns go, I could not pick them up while in Ammunation. I'd at least have that choice. But my bigger issue is with the fact that I'd have 25% more special ability and it regenerates quicker. I don't mind if it's something that I earn along the way, but I don't want to be gifted advantages for my first play through. I want to experience the game the way it's intended to be experienced. But like I said, that's just me. I think everything else is great, I would want everything else except the free weapons and abilities. I'm not bitching, I'm just saying.
  7. That could work. Have multilayer criminals who have been caught sent to prison to do their time in real time (only a day or two) but with the twist being that it is a separate game play element in itself. Players can use the time to build their reputation, recruit and be recruited into crews, gamble to make money from other players or even start and participate in fights. You could also attempt to escape, post bail or just wait your time until you're freed. Yes! I love this idea!
  8. All of this extra stuff sounds amazing and I definitely want it, but I have a problem with the free guns and extra special abilities. I have a strict "no cheats" policy when it comes to GTA. I feel like it cheapens the game to get free weapons and all this extra stuff. I want to earn my victory. I want to run out of money dying in missions and have to scrape together money for weapons for the next mission. That's just me though.
  9. This guy is awesome! I think his version of Vice City sounded the best.
  10. That was awesome! But it really worries me, because it makes me wonder what else will be pulled out of those files? What was Sony thinking?