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How could I forget? Playoff predictions. Go.

ALDS winner: Tigers

ALDS winner: Rays

NLDS winner: Pirates

NLDS winner: Dodgers

ALCS winner: Tigers

NLCS winner: Dodgers

WS winner: 4-3.......... Dodgers

Yeah... I said it.

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good game though... i guess all the offense in the 1st inning was all we needed... scherzer was brilliant yet again... and the umpire had a weird strike zone all night... both teams had to deal with it... i hope verlander is ready to go tomorrow...

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yea, benoit is not a very good closer, he's pretty much a typical D-town closer... i actually didn't think it was a good call to bring him in a bases loaded situation... that's not a closer situation, they're used to having 3 outs and empty bases to deal with... porcello should of dealt with the one he pitched into... he might of given up a couple runs, but not a first pitch grand slam...

either way, we still have home-field advantage... we stole one in boston, most forget about that... we could of stole another, but this is playoff baseball, nothing is guaranteed...

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surprisingly, outside of a david ortiz bomb on sunday, there hasn't been any offense on both sides... it's this damn dominating pitching... it was a fun game, but i would of course liked to of had a win... but man, it's awesome being there live, living in that playoff moment!! i lost my voice, lol...

poor verlander, again no run support... he gave up his first run since september 16th tonight...

EDIT: a couple pics from the game:

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