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Yeah, it was given to me by my mom. Mr grandfather actually collected it though, and many more. He was a pro player for 21 years and an instructor for many after. My grandfather is the guy on the card.

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just looked him up, he's even in the hall of fame... career .310 hitter with a few batting titles, and fell about 200 hits short of 3,000... might of only needed another season to reach it with that nice batting average... that's pretty cool, dude...

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Hm. Just noticed this topic. My first post will be that I hate the Angels. None of their players have any skill, and all their fans are fucking mongoloids.

I'm just kidding, of course. I know nothing of baseball, so ignore this post.

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^Awesome but it is time to make your predictions for this season :D

You can just do division winners and wild card's bones, but I'm gonna do the whole shabang!

AL East:

1.Toronto Blue Jays

2.New York Yankees (Wild Card)

3.Tampa Bay Rays

4.Baltimore Orioles

5.Boston Red Sox

AL Central:

1.Detroit Tigers

2.Cleveland Indians

3.Kansas City Royals

4.Chicago White Sox

5.Minnesota Twins

AL West:

1.Los Angeles Angels

2.Texas Rangers (Wild Card)

3.Oakland Athletics

4.Seattle Mariners

5.Houston Astros

NL East

1.Atlanta Braves

2.Washington Nationals (Wild Card)

3.Philadelphia Phillies

4.New York Mets

5.Miami Marlins

NL Central:

1.Cincinnati Reds

2.St. Louis Cardinals

3.Milwaukee Brewers

4.Pittsburg Pirates

5.Chicago Cubs

NL West.

1.Los Angeles Dodgers

2.San Francisco Giants (Wild Card)

3.Arizona Diamondbacks

4.Colorado Rockies

5.San Diego Padres

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3-1 Win for the Angels over the Reds. 6 strong innings from Jered Weaver and the bullpen did a fantastic job. As for offense Chris Iannetta was our powerhouse bat today. Hitting a solo homer in the 3rd and a 2 RBI single in the 13th. Great win.


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