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Found 8 results

  1. Discuss the things you weren't very fond of in the game. Any problems, issues, lag, ect...
  2. I am curious to who is the main character (that you play as), I think it could be CJ but I am not too sure. I also if they will bring back the bikes, trains, jets and helicopters and finally I want to know if they are using Euphoria again and/or other physics engines.
  3. How do I insure my car? I read all about being able too from Rockstar, pre-release, they said you could do it online, but they said anything you can do online you can do in story mode, saying if your car gets destroyed you can just phone up and it'll get repaired and you'll be delivered another one, well I can't figure out how, and it's making the whole car customization thing pretty redundent for me, because the same thing happens like in the other GTA's, you get a nice car, in this case spend loads of money decking it out to your requirements (Still haven't figured out how to "fine tune" your car like Rockstar said you could) and then it just ends up gathering dust in my garage never being used because I'm too paranoid that I'm going to lose it or destroy it, so how's it done? I surfed the in-game web and couldn't find anything.
  4. So I was just messing around in GTA and I found this freaking HUGE truck! I'm pretty sure its the biggest one you can get in game! Thought you guys might like to see it so I recorded some gameplay
  5. Ok so in the trailer i thought these had the same model as GTA V Futo Premier Landstalker Maverick
  6. I would like to see much more diversity than in previous games. I get tired of pulling up to a light and see 10 of the same cars, exactly the same but just different colors. How about variations of the same vehicle? For example, lets say there is a car modeled after the 64 Impala. There could be a 2 door post, 2 door hard top, 4 door post, 4 door hard top & a station wagon. Would also be nice if we seen different sets of stock rims, spoke hubcaps, flat hubcaps, chrome wheels, all different variations on the same vehicle so that you would rarely ever see 2 that are just alike. It would also be nice to see multiple years of the same vehicle too. 63 Impala/Caprice, 64, 67, 68, 74, 79, 85, 90, 96 etc. Just something to make the game more diverse. I doubt it would happen but if I made the game that is what I would do. Cars I would like to see 1951 Bel Air 1955 Bel Air 1957 Bel Air 1957 Corvette 1957 Thunderbird 1959 Impala 1963 Impala 1964 Impala 1964 Riviera 1967 Impala 1967 Mustang 1967 GTO 1968 Corvette 1968 Impala 1969 Road Runner 1969 Charger 1969 Yenko Nova 1969 Camaro 1969 Chevelle 1969 Cutlass 1969 Mustang 1970 Buick GSK 1970 Chevelle 1970 Challenger 1970 Chrysler 300 1970 Monte Carlo 1970 Camaro 1971 Riviera 1972 Nissan Skyline 1973 Mustang Mach 1 1974 Impala 1974 Torino 1974 Charger 1976 Datsun 710 1977 Firebird 1977 Monte Carlo 1977 Mustang II Cobra 1979 Impala 2 door 1979 Mustang 5.0 1983 Cutlass Hurst 1984 Cutlass Hurst 1984 Buick Regal 1986 Monte Carlo SS T Tops 1988 Mustang 5.0 1987 Camaro 1987 Grand National 1988 Thunderbird 1990 Caprice 1995 Crown Victoria 1996 Impala SS
  7. In the trailer, I noticed some chemtrails across the sky at about 1:04. I wonder if there's going to be any pilot-able jumbo jets, similar to the ones in IV (you know, the ones that never landed). Or perhaps a mission strand for a conspiracy theorist (, à la the Truth. Who knows, maybe he'll even make a return. Ehhh?
  8. Credit to CantPauseToast at GTAF for this one... In the docks multiplayer map of Max Payne 3 there's an office with some pictures on the wall. The pictures show a couple airplanes including what appears to be the same type of plane at the very end of the trailer (Shamal) and the newer Hydra-type. There is also a large cargo plane similar to a C-130: Extracted image by GooD-NTS: GTA V images: A similar thing happened with Red Dead Redemption goats appearing in a Weazel News commercial for The Ballad of Gay Tony (2:00) a couple years ago. Rockstar confirmed the goats were RDR. Since these models are proven to exist and be used for something, this has more credibility than the Max Payne 3 vehicles list. Will we see the large cargo plane in GTA V or will it be a part of Max Payne 3 DLC?