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  1. I reckon they should new the combat system and add throws to it, I am saying this because of the euphoria physics engine and also a sledge hammer would be sick. I think it would also be cool to add some gag weapons like -PROJECTILES Rocks Bricks Food Discs Throwing knifes Darts Whip(Like RDR lasso and attachable to cars/bikes/helicopters) -MELEE Hammer Boxing/ MMA gloves (adds special combat moves) Stun rod -Guns Air rifle Paintball gun Crossbow Taser Knockout gas of sorts -Vehicles Bull dozer I think these would be fun to use in-game
  2. I am curious to who is the main character (that you play as), I think it could be CJ but I am not too sure. I also if they will bring back the bikes, trains, jets and helicopters and finally I want to know if they are using Euphoria again and/or other physics engines.