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  1. So I like to get naked and equip myself with all my loot that I want to sell in town (in order to carry as much as possible). So it's not uncommon to see a naked Redgaurd running around Whiterun. I'd just sold as much as I could, due to the merchants running out of money, and decided I would go to the inn to see if they would buy any items from me. So a naked Redguard walks into a pub. A complete stranger asks me if I would like a drinking contest, if I win he'd give me a magical staff. A Redguard never backs down from a challenge! One down, two down, three down... pass out. I awaken in a temple in Markarth. Apparently I somehow travelled from Whiterun to Markarth whilst drunk. If you don't know where Markarth is, take a look on your map. I cleaned up the mess I made, paid off the priestess and she told me I might find the stranger in Rorikstead. And so, a naked Redgaurd with nothing but misc items and a price-reducing necklace sets off on a journey to find a stranger who had probably spiked his drink. And raped.
  2. In year 10 I pushed this paki kid and called him bitch tits cause he was being a little cunt. During lunch, him and all his 'cousins' came to beat me up. They didn't though, luckily my friends had my back!
  3. Being an adventurer is hard work! Too many people want shit done.
  4. Crap: I like to volunteer. Good: I enjoy meeting new people and making a difference through volunteering. Crap: I like to play football with my mates. Good: I enjoy playing football as it allows me to exercise leadership and communication skills as well as relieving stress. etc. Basically, you can always put a spin on things to make you sound better than you really are.
  5. I've started trying to improve my smithing and enchantment skills now. I really need to make myself stronger against the elements and magic. I can pretty much kill anything that attacks me with just brute force (except giants and mammoths!). I'm rolling around in exquisite dwarven armour but I look forward to making my enchanted dragon armour one day.
  6. What level were you guys when you fought the ice troll? I couldn't kill him directly so I had to do multiple arrow sneak attacks to take him out. Fighting ice trolls is harder than dragons! Also, what character builds do you guys have and do you ever play in 3rd person? I actually enjoy playing in 3rd person sometimes, especially if i'm fighting multiple enemies.
  7. Don't kill the fuckin' chicken.
  8. Live at the Apollo S07E01 (TV series) Watched it just to see Micky Flanagan in action. The rest of the show was quite average but his stand up was absolutely hilarious. Would definitely recommend it to anyone who's into the whole observational comedian style. 9.5/10 (just for the Micky Flanagan part!)
  9. They're from Birmingham, that made me lol, it's probably the least metal place in the world.
  10. I normally read the manual while I take a shit, but they seem to be getting smaller and smaller these days (the manuals, not my shits).
  11. The problem with all these supercars is that I can't drive any of them, because my dads insurance only lets over 30s drive any performance car! But I saw the new Vauxhall Astra VXR and it doesn't look too bad: I know its not a muscle car etc but it looks good to drive in the city, which is mostly all I ever do anyway.
  12. Man I wish my desktop was powerful enough and I had it with me Mods are so awesome
  13. Just watched like 3 hours of the IGN live stream. So hyped for this game!
  14. I don't actually use the website, so I too am using the regular theme.
  15. You should make this the default, so it looks nice for all the new members. (If you've not already done so)
  16. My balls are itching for this game so hard, I should get that checked out, but I won't. To make this post relevant: There's a live stream from IGN (sorry) at 12PM (PST), I think that's 8pm for us UK guys.
  17. 150 DPI is probably fine, but 300 DPI would be better. Especially if you're going to print it.
  18. Okay i've made a logical estimation on the GTAV release date: Grand Theft Auto IV was released on April 29th 2008. Take-two Interactive second quarter fiscal year 2008 ended April 30th. They reported Non-GAAP net profit values of $1.52. Strauss Zelnick, Chairman and CEO of Take-Two said the following on August 8th 2011. So looking at past figures, it seems that Non-GAAP net income of $2.00 per share is high and only achievable on blockbuster releases (i.e GTAV). Also noteworthy, Take-two interactive have changed their fiscal year-end from October 31st to March 31st. Therefore, the CEO predicts $2.00 (high) share values for fiscal year 2013. This means GTAV will be released anytime between April 1st 2012 and March 31st 2013, I personally believe toward the end of the fiscal year to maintain their high expectations. TL;DR GTAV will be released between April 1st 2012 to March 31st 2013. I know it's a sort of shit piece of information since we could all have predicted a release date around that time, but that's all I got! If we can get quarterly predictions then we'll know when to expect a release.
  19. The voice in the trailer sounds old, so if it is the protagonist, he'll be old too.
  20. He's probably too retarded to realise that he paid $1725.00 to basically preorder the game.
  21. Everything he says in the trailer is past tense. Maybe you play him in the past and he narrates the story as an older self? Just an idea, probably unlikely though because the game is set in 2011/12.
  22. Las Vegas is in Nevada right? So I guess that's out of the equation.
  23. There will definitely be a myth of some sort. Remember lola?