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  1. for the pc version I dislike how to access the vehicles that came with the micro-dlc and how most of the gates just don't open when you approach them or only open once you hit em... aaand that action replay or whatever it's called is not automatically running in the background. too much fun lost.
  2. the social club download thing worked quite well for me. max download speed until like 95% when it suddenly dropped in the 2 digit regime. not so much luck with the 5gb download. I'm still at 2.25gb only after almost 20hrs and several attempts to fix it (luckily the dl continues where you left)
  3. Has anyone had a chance to play the PC version yet? I'm still stuck at downloading the day one patch because 90% of the time, "the connection to the server is lost" and in the mere unlikely event of a download happening it won't go beyond 30kb/s. Other stuff works fine online so I'd say well done R*... not
  4. does anyone know if the PC version is playable today already? I got mine shipped and I'm installing right now... just wondering if it's worth the struggle today... EDIT: oh well likely not gonna be playable today as, after a 55gb install, another 5gb are downloaded at a staggering - probably server overload caused - dl speed of 60kb/s
  5. I did the fleeca job and my other guy needed an effin 3 attempts to realize that he's NOT supposed to kill someone in the bank... the other time, the humane lab raid, the gunner kept jumping out the chopper w/ the ground team... nice.
  6. after the first few days of playing the heists I must say this game is played by deaf, illeterate illiterate morons. so many times the job screwed up playing with random ppl because someone did not stick to the plan
  7. is there a sorted list for the heist missions? I wanna do them in the intended order w/o being the leader but it hards to keep track when you get like 89 invites per minute
  8. I got a 16mbit connection (usually about 1.3mb/s download) and it crashed twice now. first time it froze at 54% and now it just quit at 66% after 2 hours... download supposed to be 1314mb fuck this
  9. reveal ≠ release... just sayin... the site certainly fits the design path R* takes on V stuff, let's see what's what tomorrow. Wouldn't mind a legit dlc tho after over a year of "cosmetic" gimmicks
  10. and then stickybomb a hole into that fucker... I like that. another thing I was wondering about: between the all the news about new cool stuff available in the re-release, has there been any word about which of the new stuff will be available in the old game as well? obviously the technical stuff and the fps won't come to the ps3/360 for performance reasons, but what about the missions, vehicles, weapons and stuff like that?
  11. there's been a bunch of additions to customizations already (colors, smokes, tints, now obviously undercar neon for the relaunch) so it's fair enough to expect more stuff
  12. Wow well done R*, only took you a year to keep your vehicle-customization promise "nothing says class like neon"
  13. are there any words out yet about a special/collectors edition for the re-launch?
  14. anyone else gettin no crate drops at all? I get the notifications bout crates and the countdown for special crates but nothing happens then. Sitting in a normal crate drop zone now for a whole game day and nothing drops. same for special crates, nothing alike appears on the map. happened now for like the 5th time straight
  15. hm let my bump this old thread of mine for a second. is this bug back at the game, this time concerning michael's garage at home? cuz it just happened the second time in just a few days that I lost both cars parked at michael's garage, both times my "story completed" savegame
  16. IDK how reliable this info is, but on the deamon tools newswire I came across an article with an screenshot stating october 28th which is at least a possible date since it's tuesday and fall. Right now, lists dec. 31st as a release date but that's most likely not correct as it is a wednesday and not fall at all... but yeah, like all "leaks" it's not necessarily true...
  17. gonna be damn empty on facebook and the R* newswire comments now that the masterrace's crying has been soothed... Ima give it a shot on pc anyways, let's see what the modding community comes up with... and the hackers. gotta love the hackers. Hope the CE content carries over per social club profile tho
  18. a parking garage just north of backlot city.
  19. Futo - you're first car's always an emotional keeper, right? Khamelion - freeeeeeebeeeeee Sabre GT - cuz, you know, the green sabre, man... Elegy - free and, well, awesome Vacca - limegreen lambo pegassis are like so unique Sultan "RS" - for that liberty city nostalgia Sandking XL - so everyone sees that mine is bigger than yours Issi - best wingmancarthing in town ... and 2 slots that I permanently change cuz I can't decide what to keep
  20. but thats exactly what I'm telling you now. 1 plane in a hangar big enough to house like 20 cubans...