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  1. I love the point look out dlc beat all the dlcs but one and never started new Vegas maybe that can keep me going until GTA 5 also in fallout I loved the axe because I go in peoples houses cut there heads off stick it in the toilet arms legs goes in bathtub body floor then I steal there possessions one time in new Vegas I killed over 20 people has their heads lined up on a table body's overflowing from the bathtub

    also beat the regular story also

    I would like to see a fallout game in the Midwest also or in a other country not a European or Asian country tho maybe Ireland around there Africa Australia I live in America

    Your sentence structure is atrocious.

  2. Massy, I got AC Revelations last night for $19.99 at Best Buy, brand new.

    I played the MP for the first time and thought it was fantastic. I started the story and it was pretty good - I hated the intro that assumes this is the first time you played the series. I'll have to get use to playing as old ass Ezio. Not a big fan. It's a big jump from the Raiden-armored Ezio I was rocking in Brotherhood.

  3. give me your addy bOnEs and lets do this.

    Is it possible to get through the game w/o using magic?

    I think it might be possible - the dragon shouts are "magical" but if you just used the required ones for the main storyline - that's okay by me. There's no way to complete or even attend the College of Winterhold without magic. I'm sure there are a few quests that require magic be used; but there is probably a way to get around it. That's one of the best parts of the game is the different ways it can be played.

    I imagine if you had enough potions and enchanted items, you could get by without magic. Also, would scrolls be considered magic? I never used any, just traded the hell out of them (as they have a high value vs. weight ratio - early in the game). I really only used magic for leveling purposes; although the Detect Life and Bound Weapons have become my most used spells. I never really focused on magic for my character. I'd like my next character to be heavily focused on magic, no weapons (outside of the bound ones).

  4. Yeah, I did all the "admirable" quests first, saved Skyrim, helped everyone - but as I started getting into the Daedric quests, the line of good and evil started to blur. I was already stealing everything I could find; just made sense to get credit for it. I started with the Thieves Guild and slowly started the DB. I think after a few DB assassin's came after me, I started tracking them down. Instead of killing them, I just took over.

    I'm currently level 64.5 - when I level up again, I will be able to craft Daedric Armor and my guy will have transformed completely to the dark side.

  5. I wrapped up the Dark Brotherhood missions yesterday. I had my first "twist" in the game that kind of got me, although I should have seen it coming. I upgraded the dark sanctuary and saved my game in the torture chamber where I can spam all of my spellls and shit.

  6. Yeah, I hate Carl. He ruins everything. To be fair, what was that guy doing out by himself that late; outside the fence. Asking for it if you ask me.

    Someone spoiled it for me too on Facebook, revealing the name of the poor character. I'm dumb so I thought the name was Glen's and I was raging. It wasn't until I watched the episode when I remembered Glen's name was Glen, not, the other guy.

  7. ohh, thats not much of anything i guess... i am a little curious about a special edition though, could have some cool native american or patriotic swag with it...

    ^ via imagic v2.1 :drool::fap:


    Just kidding. I will probably end up selling it on eBay to someone who LOVES steelbooks.

    There is information about the new character;

    Assassin’s Creed III Brings a New Hero to a New Console with a New Engine

    His name is Ratohnhaké:ton, but you can call him Connor. The latest Assassin's Creed hero prowls the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC frontier on October 31, with work underway on a version for Nintendo's Wii U. It's a game so ambitious Ubisoft created an entirely new game engine just to power it.

    That engine is called Ubisoft-AnvilNext, promising "breakthroughs in visual quality, character models and artificial intelligence". From what we've seen so far it's already miles ahead of the engine used in previous AC titles.

    It'll need to be in order to capture the full scope of the game's Revolutionary War setting, spanning frontier wilderness and bustling cities alike. Exploring these gorgeous new areas will be Ratohnhaké:ton, half Native American, half English. You can see which side he favors in the first official trailer.

    Connor finds himself embroiled in the struggle between Templars and Assassins as it weaves its way in and out of the historic battles of George Washington and compatriots.

    "Assassin's Creed III features the franchise's most expansive setting so far, along with an exciting new hero and exponentially more gameplay," said Yves Guillemot, chief executive officer at Ubisoft via official press release. "Whether you're a longtime fan of Assassin's Creed or if you're new to the franchise, you're going to be blown away by the scale and marvel of Assassin's Creed III."

    Half English - Half Native American... who called it?

  8. Trailer was awesome. I liked the tree running. Also, there is clearly an offscreen scalping going on @ 00:39.

    I went and preordered the game at lunch and got my steel book for the game - 7 months in advance. I'll probably be upgrading to whatever LE they come up with - we'll see.

  9. We could speculate all day on the new character; I'm thinking a half-indian; half white person - or possibly something like Last of the Mohicans with a white kid raised by the native americans. Not sure if Altaiir was related to Ezio; but they had to bring the story to America - I mean Desmond is in America, right? Or not. He and his friends go to Ezio's old hideout. What country does the first game (in the future) take place? Where is Abstergo?