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  1. Season Pass DLC is out now!

    We are very pleased to announce the Hidden Secrets Pack, the first downloadable content for Assassin's Creed III!

    The Hidden Secrets Pack is NOW AVAILABLE for Season Pass owners, and will become broadly available for purchase on Windows PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 next week (and WiiU at a later date).

    The Hidden Secrets DLC Pack adds three extra missions (some including our critically acclaimed naval warfare gameplay):

    The Lost Mayan Ruins = Saw Tooth Cutless

    The Ghost of War = Pontaic War Club

    A Dangerous Secret = Flintlock Musket

    You'll also receive:

    Two single-player costumes - the Captain of the Aquila and the Colonial Assassin to round out your collection in the Homestead Manor

    Two additional multiplayer characters - the Redcoat and the Sharpshooter.

    Glad I took a break from the game and can get back into the storyline with the Colonial BADASSassin outfit.

  2. I like the Rope Dart as a tool for combat; it is especially helpful with the knives guy, the scottish axe guy and the Jaegars.

    I am in the middle of sequence 9, supposed to meet someone in Boston... but I am holding out on the story and focusing on the side missions, homestead and peg leg mostly. I did all of the Boston Liberation missions the other night and will finish up in NY. I've been trying to get more assassin recruits, didn't realize they were tied to the liberation missions. I have started expermenting with recipes and crafting other items from the log book. Is there a log book on the homestead somewhere that I am missing?

  3. I just beat the second modern day mission with Desmond while my water heater was being replaced. I am really enjoying the story and I am looking forward to a second replay of the game and going for all those fucking unrealistic optional objectives.

  4. @ b0nes - I was mostly talking about 100%ing the story, all the collectibles, etc. I haven't played the MP yet, but I did really get into the MP in Revelations and the achievements don't appear to be TOO much of a grind, especially compared to Brotherhood or Revelations. I can see myself 100%ing the achievements as well and I have decided to go ahead with the season pass.

    I completed Sequence 5 and the 1st Desmond sequence last night. I guess my 360 was offline; I didn't see my achievements pop yet on, WTF. I got to the first mission in the 6th sequence and then the damn trick or treaters starting showing up.

    As far as glitches, I swam to the Boston Lighthouse and exited the water right by the shore. There was a dude on the big rock sitting there. As I walked by, he jumped off the rock into the water, splash and everything and then he was gone. Also, I tried to ride my horse off a cliff that had a large lake below. He wouldn't budge over the edge while I was mounted. I dismounted so I could jump off the ledge and get to my destination and the horse followed me right off the cliff. He splashed down right after me, again straight to the bottom never to be seen again. Last glitch had a horse climbing the wall in the second sequence while infiltrating the fort - he appeared to be tied off next to the wall and just started sliding towards the wall and went vertical climbing up the wall until he was on the wall.

  5. They are worth playing, but years ago... If you play AC3, there will be no going back without feeling like it incredibly antiquated. You're not missing much, but some of the shit with the First Civilization might not make sense to you. If you don't know what I am talking about, there you go. AC3 is it's own story, but you won't know WHY it's set in America and will be missing out on a good portion of the Desmond plot. Where's Lucy? You'll also miss some of the advances in Brotherhood and Revelations that make AC3 what it is today.

    If you have them, play them, wait on AC3. Or not. Whatever. They're just games.

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  6. Holy shit, this game is amazing. I got it on Tuesday and played a little after work (through sequence 2, i think) and played all day yesterday. The zinger after sequence 3 literally blew my mind. I knew something was up, and figured it was something else, but man - they got me. First time a twist has really surprised me.

    I like the new character a lot, more than Ezio already. I like the origin story more than Ezio's, I feel more pulled into the story. As slow as the first couple sequences were, they really did a great job providing an incredible back story. Being able to play as Connor as a child, a young adult for his training and finally an assassin has really gotten me attached to the character. I almost got a little teary when he came back from playing hide and seek. I thought all of the tutorials; fighting, hunting, tree climbing, etc. were all incorporated into the story very well and made them less of a chore.

    As far as Connor, his abilities are far superior to any other assassin. I thought Old Ezio was the best so far, but of course as the series progresses, so does the technology and game engine, I get it. Connors movements are incredibly smooth and easy to control. My only gripe is that he hides up against everything. I was trying to open a chest on a table and he's hiding up against it instead of opening it. Other than that, I love the hiding against a corner deal and corner assassinations are incredibly handy. The combat system doesn't seem to be as forgiving as the previous games where I could counter kill just about everyone, no problem. There is more strategy and a more detailed combat sytem in place. I look forward to getting better at it.

    I think the guns are handled very well in the game. I was worried that it was going to be too much of a shooter, but the slow reload times of the muskets and flintlocks make them more of a luxury than a reliable weapon to fight with; although the bayonettes do make for some awesome assassination and kill animations. The firing lines are handled well and I like the human shield ability very much. While I do miss the reliable crossbow from the previous games; the bow and arrow is a good replacement and is easy and fun to use. The rope dart is awesome and it is very satisfying to plunge one into someone's neck and then hang them for the world to see dangling.

    I spent a lot of time yesterday hunting and exploring. There is nothing cooler than air assassinating a beaver. I killed and skinned so many animals that I made over 10,000 when I sold all the shit off at the general store. Bears? Fuck bears, I've killed a dozen. Wolves? Fuck wolves, killed atleast 50. Beavers? You don't want to fuck with beavers. I think I have only bagged one cougar, but I am glad I saw him before he saw me. The snares are a nice addition and so is the bait. I've killed just about every animal I've seen so far, except for a squirrel, which I have only seen while climbing trees. I've accidentally killed a dog or two (accidentally air assassinated one instead of a target, whoops) but I try and pet all of the kitties on the street.

    I love the tree climbing aspect. It took some getting used to, but now I can't get enough. It's my preferred manner of travel in the forest, especially if there is not a horse available. I do miss the conveniently placed zip lines of Revelations, but tree running makes up for it. I tried to get to as many tree view points in the frontier as possible. I have found the rock climbing kind of hit or miss, it's great when it works, but I spent a damn hour trying to get the peg leg trinket in the NW corner of the homestead without any luck. I can climb every rock face, except those. Fuck.

    I did the first sailing missions and really enjoy the sailing mechanics of the game. I can't wait to upgrade the ship and really unleash hell on those semen, er seamen.

    I have also completed the first modern day Desmond mission and I did enjoy it. Desmond also handles much better than before and the first modern day mission was a lot of fun.

    Overall, I am in love with the game so far. I like the story, the assassin and the gameplay. I have heard rumors about a shitty ending; but to be honest, all the AC endings have been pretty shitty - the fact that you can continue to play in the animus is the best part. As long as that's not fucked up, I will be happy. This is definitely one to 100% and will keep me entertained through November and maybe through Christmas!

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  7. I enjoyed the episode and thought it was finally on a good pace, let's hope Lori doesn't fuck it up.

    Favorite parts:

    I. The intro, no one said anything - I wish they would do the entire show like that. Maybe I will rewatch the episode on mute and see if it's any better.

    II. Riot Gear Zombies!!! - Reminded me of some Resident Evil shit - THESE ZOMBIES HAVE HELMETS ON! The best part was when they rip off that one zombie's helmet and his entire face comes with it. Great stuff.

    Speaking of Riot Gear Zombies, how did the people in the protective gear become zombies? Were they riot cops who were infected through their armor some how OR were they regular cops who donned the riot gear after being bitten?

    Here are my hopes for the season thus far:

    I. Carl fingers Herschel's youngest daughter.

    II. Shane's baby eats his way out of Lori.

    III. Lori and Michonne scissorgrind with the threat of being attacked by zombies.

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  8. I played Thief back in the day, this is like Thief on crack. But perhaps I was on crack, I am in for ACIII.

    I think Dishonored has multiple playthrough possibilities, as stealth, no-kill, all kill, etc. I love a good stealth game. I'll wait until it's under $30 and I can spend some time with it after the holiday game rush. I think my NEW gaming schedule will be ACIII, Far Cry 3 and then Dishonored.

  9. Halo 3 Multiplayer was the reason I went with a 360 over a PS3 four years ago. After playing it a few times with my friends in college, I was hooked. The 360 controller felt great in my hands and was a natural at the MP. I got into the storyline of Halo 3 - as much as possible for someone who hadn't played any games or knew what a Halo was or anything was before getting the game. I got into the different armor permutations available (like the katana and Hayabusa helmet) for MP and played the game in full to unlock the requirements for desired armor. No matter what other games were released, I would still make time for Halo 3, mostly playing late at night and trolling kids online. Out of the entire MP experience, my favorite thing has to be teabagging. Just unleashing a fury of nutsack on someone after you've taken them out is the greatest thing in gaming.

    I looked forward to the new maps when they were released and bought ODST when it came out, mostly for the Halo 3 MP maps included. I told myself I didn't want the game, but I was pretty hyped up by release day. I ended up playing the ODST storyline and actually enjoyed it more than Halo 3, it was a little more gritty in terms of storyline and was a new character from the Master Chief, who I really had no connection with as a character since I hadn't played the first two games. I didn't really care for Firefight and wasted a lot of time playing for an hour or two, just to be overrun and out of ammo before the level was over or achievment-getting score was reached. I mostly stuck with the Halo 3 MP but played it less and less overtime.

    According to Halo Waypoint, for Halo 3, I played 899 MP games, with a .91 K/D ratio and logged over 5 days (121 hours) of playtime.

    I heard about Halo Reach coming out and initially, I decided I wasn't that interested in it; much like I had told myself with ODST. My mind changed when I saw the Deliver Hope trailer. It was a live action-ish trailer that pulled me right into the storyline. I had heard about the invasion of Reach storyline and I watched the trailer on my computer multiple times, then downloaded it on the 360 to watch it in HD at home. I got a sign up for the beta and was given a chance to participate in some multiplayer before the game came out. During the Beta, Reach MP was the only game I played.

    I liked the different armor abilities and became a master of illusion with the hologram. I am a close-quarters player with the majority of my kills in Reach coming from melee and the hologram allows for the dispatch of a replica of your Spartan to appear to other players as though they are running to a set point on the map. Enemies mistakenly will try and sneak up on you, allowing you to get the drop on them and perform an assassination or beatdown. The other armor abilities were fun as well and offered different strategies and possibilities for play.

    I pre-ordered the game and scheduled a day off of work for release day. Most of my friends got Reach as well and for awhile I had a set group of people to play with. It wasn't the same as Halo 3 MP for them and that kind of put them off to continuing to play on a regular basis. Most of them didn't even touch the campaign as they were more MP players to begin with. I thought the campaign was the best of the series (for me). I found myself engaged in a storyline similar to how I felt with GTAIV, part of the game. I liked the team atmosphere which added to the story and the blank slate character that you portray. I also liked how armor selected in MP was transferred to your Campaign Spartan. I got caught up in the Armor Permutations again and wanted to unlock the SKULL helmet (Emile's), but usually ended up wasting points on new knee pads or something. I purchased a code for the flaming helmet from a friend who had bought the Legendary edition and while it makes me a bigger target, looks bad as fuck. I recently got back into Reach and will probably be playing it for awhile. I have a black friend who is new to the 360, he got it so he could play Reach so I will be playing with him for awhile.

    I picked up Halo Anniversary, a few months after it was released, but I only got through half of the campaign before I traded the game away as it wasn't the top of my radar at the time. I will probably pick it up again and complete the campaign and random achievements. I can't say I am as concerned with the storyline as I was with ODST or Reach since I know it was an older game from 10 years ago, just spruced up. The game wasn't as fast paced as the other ones and lost my attention - maybe it gets better towards the end.

    I've owned a copy of Halo: Wars, but it's never made it's way into my 360. I traded it off and don't have any plans to play it.

    I've told myself again that I am not going to get Halo 4 and for the first time, I think I might stick to it. I wasn't dying to know what happens to MC at the end of 3. I was satisfied. I am sure the game will be great and I will get into it at some point, but as for now I am wanting to go back and finish the campaigns for ODST and Reach on the hardest difficulty, mostly for the sake of achievements. With ACIII and my backlog, the last thing I need is another Halo game.

    I'll let you know when I get it.

    Ah meant to post t-bag videos as well. None of these are mine.

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  10. I 100% Saint's Row 3 last week, all the DLC, all the side shit. I thought I was going to give up with the challenges and shit, but I ended up finishing everything.

    I have to agree with everyone on here, IV is much better than SR3, but I still had a fuckton of fun with it, but I'll never pick it up again.

  11. I agree with OPx in that this is not a realistic idea for a game at all. It's also the dumbest business strategy as well. I wouldn't spend $180 on three games of basically the same shit, go here, kill them, blow them up, etc. released in a 9 month window; just for a change in scenery. "No, bro, you'd be in LV and it would be a continuation of the game". Yes, that's called a fucking sequel. "Okay, well it would be like an expansion, on another disc that you can play with the original game, but you have to have the new disc to download it." Disc-DLC of enormous size, sure I guess that's possible, but you're charging full retail price? No thanks, I'll play something else.

    You're basically asking if we will keep buying GTA games if they are released? Or is there some stupid parameter I am missing.

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