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  1. Spoilers abound, read at your own risk:

    The episode was decent, setting up for another season - nothing too shocking and the story is basically just trying to keep going. Each season has captured a different point in their survival, this one picks up a few months after the Season 3 Finale with the Governor. I liked how the prison yard became more of a farm and (parts of) the prison had become more fortified.

    It's pretty clear that the fence is going to be a big problem this season. As much fortification was done around the gates of the prison, they should have extended that to the fence itself. If they put those big ass wooden spikes along the problem areas of the fence, the walkers would just impale themselves, creating more of a barrier for approaching walkers. Also, a moat or random pits would be much better fortification than relying on the existing fences. Also, letting the little shit kids stand on the perimeter yelling at the walkers is probably a dumb idea.

    There is a influx of characters, which is what was needed to refresh the show. "We need more victims!" says one TWD executive. So the prison has multiplied times 10. Bunch of no name characters sucking the d's of the main cast; the ones without names will eventually be sacrificed to keep the season moving. I imagine a good amount of them will be gone next week. By the end of the season, it will only be the main cast with a few random stranglers. Too many characters doesn't really work well in this series.

    "We need more relationships to tug at people's heartstrings!" says another TWD exec. Everyone is hooking up. Glen and Maggie are still banging and thinking about kids - but mostly how they don't want to have them. Glen needs to give her more facials to prevent the inevitable child that is going to come along sooner or later (season 5?). The big black dude from last season (who also looks like my Franklin from GTA) is swinging mad dick, though it's only implied. I thought the one black chick was his wife, but I guess that was just me being racist because he's slinging his black snake at the incredibly hot spanish chick. Maggie's little sister, the blonde chick is hooking up with some doofus zombie bait, but she's already lost her mom, brothers, etc. so she doesn't give a fuck. Also, Daryl and the lady who's hair should have grown in all the way by now (Carol?) are also destined to bang or are already. I will be surprised if she makes it through the season and that will make Daryl sad and vengeful - which is when Daryl was a good character. All of the little girls are too young for Carl, and after the conclusion of last night's episode, I don't think he'll be getting gay with the nerd that wanted to suck off Daryl.

    The beginning of the episode felt like a "where are they now?" segment, nicely updating everyone and establishing their ranking in the prison's community. There's a council and a bunch of people trying to impress the council. It should be noted that all of the council is white and all the black people want to be accepted by them. Herschel some how got some magic prosthetic leg that eliminates him having to use crutches or for the special effects department from cropping off his leg. Rick's still crazy, Daryl's still a badass, Carl's still a twit and Glen's eyes have become more slanty.

    The big event in the episode was a run for supplies where disposable characters want to prove their worth. Daryl's the leader, Michonne happens to drop by as they're headed out; Glen's in; they throw in a few more black people - including one with a drinking problem who has to beg to be a part of the team and promises to not mess things up on the trip; the doofus young kid, and a few other randoms. Luckily, there's no zombies at the store except a couple at the front door - Big Spot greeters working overtime, no doubt. That drunk black guy should have known that the roof was FULL OF ZOMBIES by the random crotch hanging around outside the store. Of course, things can't go to plan. "Stay in formation, get what we need."

    While in the store Glen foreshadows the impending baby. The stereotype black person can't deny the temptation of shitty wine and causes all the zombies on the roof to come crashing through, along with the helicopter that had been apparently carrying the 50 zombies/people that were on the roof. The zombies crashing though the roof was great; especially the water-balloon zombies that were all mush and the one getting hung up on his intestines. Of course, the fallen zombies bite and bullets are fired and almost everyone gets out alive. The blonde chick doesn't give a shit that the doofus did not return and simply changes the "30 Days Since our last accident" sign to "0". What a cunt.

    Meanwhile, while all this is going on, Rick goes on a vision quest and follows some skinny ass lady to her "husband" to have them come and live at the prison. But just as Ackbar said, "It's a trap!" I guess her husband was a zombie or something. It didn't show it, which was a total copout. She wanted to feed Rick to her pet zombie husband and just decides to seppuku her self instead. Rick should have taken her Coleman tent and sleeping bags, which seems to keep walkers away.

    Anyway, at the end of the episode, Carl's potential boyfriend starts bleeding all over the overly creepy prison bathroom. His eye periods are identical to the zombie Rick kept focusing on with the fucked up eyes outside the prison. There is a good chance this season will introduce some new disease that people can get from having gay sex with a zombie, which is likely how the nerd got it. He also gave it to the pig, Violet when he had sex with it.

    Anyway, I will try and review each episode this season. Hope you enjoy.

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  2. I just started getting into online last night, robbed all the convenience stores and got the achievement associated with doing so. I did a few missions and races which are pretty fun - probably better with people you know than some random fucks.

    Do you lose money when you die? I noticed I was missing large chunks of cash from my bank at different times while playing. I had forgotten that I had bought a few guns and stuff sometimes, but I also noticed money missing. How does someone rob you or take your cash? Does mashing the respawn prevent that from happening if you respawn before they get to you?

    I am looking for interior buildings in GTAOnline. There may be a thread for it already, but I haven't looked. Obviously the clothing stores, liquor and convenience stores, and the strip club can be entered. Does anyone know of any other locations?

    In reference to the previous discussion about banking safely, if you go into the strip club, you cannot pull a gun inside so as long as you're through the main corridor, you can browse or bank on your phone with no risk of getting killed. I confirmed that you can kill people in shops by shooting through the open doors. I have not been able to penetrate glass windows successfully.

    If you're actively playing on 360; shoot me a FR.

  3. Most of the underwater highlights are featured when searching for the submarine parts ("?" mission in Paleto Cove for Michael). This mission is great if you want to explore all the wrecks while using scuba, it also unlocks the dingy at the dock. Most of the wrecks have weapons, health and body armor scattered about. There are some hidden packages, but I haven't put much effort into locating them. Sharks are also more frequent around the wrecks, bring a knife.

    Like the submarine, the dingy gives you scuba gear every time you exit. The dingy doesn't seem to drift as much as the submarine while you are underwater exploring.

    After completing the submarine parts mission, I was able to save a dingy at my boat house as well.

  4. Sunken UFO is just east of the island chain at the top of the map.

    I found a list of hidden packages, most of which are featured in sunken ships or good dive sites, etc. I don't want to link anyone to another website, but I am not sure of the guide status here. Anyway, I have a map printed out and will be "for scuba" this evening. I'll probably mark them all as POI on my map and maybe snap a photo.

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  5. I've seen a random spoiler post that there is a crashed alien craft in the NE section of the map. I haven't made it up there yet with the submarine. I am currently working my way south from the sub spawn collecting the nuclear waste.

    I don't mind the sub all that much, although the controls are a bit wonky. I like the ability to scuba (way better than that shit scuba game on the Wii), I just wish there was more down there. I am taking my time to explore the wrecks I find - plus that $12,000 case by the tail of the plane and the exploit with it is great.

  6. 1. FLYING! I loved flight school, the stunt trials and just barnstorming in general. I have yet to start knocking out bridges and knife flights, but I am ready.

    1a. Chopping up birds/people with the plane's rotors.

    2. UNDERWATER! Call me Scuba Steve. I wish there was more life down below, but it's still amazing to dive the wrecks and operate the submarine. I find the ascending/descending in the sub to be a little bit of a pain in the ass, but it's still incredible that there is another world below the ocean. The underwater graphics and effects are incredible as well.

    3. ATV's, Dune buggies and Dirtbikes. Nothing can stand in my way. I'll drive to the top of Mt. Chiliad and then right off the side!

  7. I really wanna know what that parachute symbol al around the city is about


    I'd would be nice if anybody just say what they think it is and not insult me. I dont get the point about it?

    Because it's so obvious.... What do you do with parachutes?

    Well i would jump off a builing, but i could jump off any builing, whys there a symbol for that? And even the dumbest questions doesnt deserve such unkind behavior. I'm here to talk with people who looking forward for a game, I'm looking for fun and information. I may not have the time that some of the people around here have to gather all the information so there might be one or two question a few knew before. No need for the "smartass-mode".

    No need for "bitch-mode" either. Get over yourself.

  8. I started the first couple missions; on my way to kill the main overseer but stopped off at the doctor's office to poison him for Granny Raggs. I've unlocked some powers and I like the Bioshock vibe; plus the city and level design are incredible. I haven't really gotten a hang of open combat, but the stealth element is fantastic. The kill animations are fantastic as well, I LOVE a good decapitation and the Springrazor is an incredible piece of weaponry.

    Bones, how far did you get? Did you unlock BLINK? Did you escape the sewers and get to the Pub?

    I don't know, I feel like there is a lot to this game and I am just scratching the surface. I'm hooked.